Guess Logo

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Guess, a renowned fashion label headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has etched its legacy since its inception in 1981. From its humble beginnings, the brand has transformed into a powerhouse, crafting opulent fashion attire, accessories, and fragrances. With a sprawling international footprint, Guess has established thousands of stores spanning over a hundred nations.

Meaning and History

Guess’s name reflects the founders’ dream of curating a clothing line synonymous with luxury, elegance, and trend-setting. The term “guess” encapsulates the brand’s adeptness in predicting and embracing forthcoming fashion trends while considering calculated risks to manifest its vision. The Marciano brothers’ daring venture paid off magnificently, catapulting Guess into the echelons of the world’s most influential fashion brands.

The company’s rise came in the early 1980s, when its denim products quickly gained fervent support, especially among young people. Guess’s innovative approach to denim, characterized by premium materials, pioneering designs, and impeccable craftsmanship, revolutionized the industry. This hallmark denim range quickly achieved cult status, resonating worldwide. Over time, Guess broadened its product portfolio to encompass clothing, accessories, and fragrances.

What is Guess?
Guess stands tall as a global fashion titan, spanning operations across 100+ countries with a network of retail establishments numbering in the thousands. The brand has evolved into an emblem of sophistication, refinement, and individuality, offering products that cater to diverse demographics while radiating a timeless sense of style.

1980s – today

Guess Logo

The emblem of Guess is an unmistakable downward-pointing triangle, within which a prominent and bold question mark is centrally positioned in the lower area. This design unfolds in a vibrant shade of scarlet.

While contemporary design trends lean towards minimalism, Guess’s logo, with its enduring legacy, embraces a more intricate aesthetic. Its iconic presence echoes an era when such embellished emblems were prevalent, particularly during the brand’s rising period in the 1980s.


Guess Emblem

Three vivid hues—red, black, and white—interweave within the emblem, each evoking distinct and potent connotations. The boldest among them, red, symbolizes passion and warmth. This hue mingles with the purity of white and the sophistication of black, uniting to reflect harmony upon the emblem’s composition.


Guess Symbol

In terms of typography, the designers of the iconic Guess emblem opted for a timeless choice, embracing the classic Times New Roman script. The stark black letters boldly stand out against a luminous white backdrop, establishing a compelling contrast that irresistibly commands attention.