Google Chrome Logo

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Chrome, a product of Google, is an online browser that connects worldwide users, allowing them to get information from the website pages that appear on the results pages. The key feature of Chrome is its search engine, based on the keywords that users tap into the panel. Though it’s not the pioneer of the web search industry, Chrome is sure to be the most popular browser in the world today.

Meaning and History

Google Chrome Logo history

Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt didn’t want to engage the company in the browser wars going on during the early 2000s. However, he changed his mind after a couple of Mozilla Firefox developers hired by Sergey Brin and Larry Page made a browser demonstration that was just great. The development of the Chrome browser began in 2006 based on the source code of another project called Chromium. It was led by the current CEO Sundar Pichai. After a line of testing, the browser was finally completed in 2008.

What is Google Chrome?
Chrome is one of the most widespread web browsers, which allows people to find news, ideas, and stories using a search panel, based on keywords.

2008 – 2011

Google Chrome Logo 2008

The original logo features a 3D effect with a glossy finish. It has a blue center, surrounded by a red, green, and yellow section. Each color is divided with a slight shadow, giving depth to the design.

2011 – 2015

Google Chrome Logo 2011

The following logo retains the same color scheme but has a simplified, flatter design with subtle gradients. The shadows and highlights are removed, giving it a more modern and sleek appearance.

2014 – 2022

Google Chrome Logo 2014

The 2014 logo appears very similar to the previous one but has completely flat colors without any gradient. This design aligns with the flat design trends prevalent during this time.

2022 – today

Google Chrome Logo

The fourth and ongoing logo maintains the flat design and color scheme but with slightly adjusted shades. The colors are more vibrant and the blue center is larger in proportion to the outer colors compared to previous designs.


Google Chrome Symbol

Being a project of Google Corporation, Chrome has the same color code as its developer: green, red, blue, and yellow. They represent the friendly and bold nature of the company, which keeps making new experiments throughout its history.


Google Chrome Emblem

The browser’s logo is usually textless, but the developers use an office-like lowercase typeface with no serifs included.