Dior Logo

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Dior is a French fashion brand, created in 1946 by one Christian Dior. It’s considered one of the top luxury brands in the world, on part with Gucci and Versace. They create a large variety of products – from clothing and accessories to perfume and even liquor. It’s one of the most successful French businesses of modern times.

Meaning and History

Dior Logo history

Dior was created in 1946 by Christian Dior, an already established French fashion designer. The company’s full name is Christian Dior SE, often shortened to just Dior. The founder has only been the CEO until 1957, when he died. After his demise, his family did not inherit the ownership, and it’s not connected to the brand anymore.

What is Dior?
Dior is the foremost fashion house in France, created in 1946 by Christian Dior. They are notable for their clothing lines, fragrances, liquor and many other luxury products.

1948 – today

Dior Logo 1948

The original logo, which is still used on occasions, displays the brand’s name written in an artistic sort of serif script. The lines are straight with a few sharp tips, but it’s not a strict style, nor an office-type font. It seems elegant and sophisticated, while also serious and upright. Notably, the letter ‘D’ is capitalized, and is a lot larger than the other characters, which are lowercase.

2018 – today

Dior Logo

The 2018 design uses a very similar font. The only real difference is that all the letters in this version are capitalized, not just the first. As such, they are all the same height, and more or less the same proportions. You can clearly see the elegance – from the thin, sharp serifs and the smooth, fluid lines that change volume as they go. The two logos are used interchangeably.


Dior Emblem

The black is the go-to color for these logotypes, although it also uses a shade of gold on occasions. It’s particularly common in packaging, but also for branding in general. The choice has to do with the name. ‘Or’ is French for ‘gold’, making it a very simple and clever connection.


Dior Symbol

The font is an artistic serif with the focus on elegance and uprightness. It’s largely a unique style, although a similar approach – in particular, tall, thin, serif letters – are used by various other fashion brands. Dior has used largely the same font since the creation of the company.