Dallas Cowboys Logo

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Dallas Cowboys are a rugby team from the East Division of NFL. The professional American football club was established in 1960 in Texas and is one of the most popular and well-known rugby teams in the United States. Today the team is owned by Jerry Jones and has Mike McCarthy as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Dallas Cowboys Logo history

There are not that many teams in the history of American football, who have the same consistency with their visual identity design, as the Dallas Cowboys do. The logo, designed in 1960, right after the team’s establishment, has been redesigned only once. But not only the minimum banners of changes makes this logo special, but also its simplicity — a single geometric symbol, a tribute to Texas, the lone star state.

1960 – 1963

Dallas Cowboys Logo 1960

The very first logo was created for Dallas Cowboys in 1960 and featured a navy-blue Star. That’s it, a simple Star with clean lines and no additional details. It was a celebration of the home state of the team, Texas. And executed in the most popular and chic shade of blue, representing professionalism and excellence, the logo looked strong and confident on any possible placement.

1964 – Today

Dallas Cowboys Logo

In 1964 the team decides to add a unique touch to their logo, but it had to be some-thing delicate and simple, so the new version of the blue star featured thin white contouring. This brought freshness and individuality to geometric minimalism and added a sense of loyalty and reliability to the Cowboys’ visual identity.

Throughout the years there were two additional logos created. Depicting a polo player in a blue and white color palette. And later the custom wordmark was designed which is still in use by the team nowadays.


Dallas Cowboys Symbol

The navy-blue Star has been a symbol of the team since its establishment. It is not only a celebration of Texas as a state but also a graphical representation of excel-lence, quality, and authority. And the blue color only elevated all these qualities to the top.


Dallas Cowboys Emblem

On the team’s emblem, the star is usually placed on a light-silver square and is sometimes complemented by a blue wordmark, executed in a unique custom typeface with bold sleek lines resembling the Wild West movies.


Dallas Cowboys Helmet

The main color of the Dallas Cowboys helmets is light gray, close to silver. It is a perfect shade to put the blue and white star on, as it makes the emblem delicate and bright at the same time. The grill of the helmet is made in the same gray shade, balancing the look and making it solid.


Dallas Cowboys Uniform

The four main colors used in the Cowboys’ uniform are blue, gray, and white. For the home uniforms, the team wears navy blue jerseys with white accents and numbers, while the pants are gray with blue stripes. The road uniform of Dallas Cowboys is composed of a white jersey with stripes and numbers in blue and the same gray pants with blue details.