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Citizen is a renowned Japanese company recognized worldwide for its excellence in the manufacture of watches, chronometers and electronic devices. Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has become one of the largest and most respected watch manufacturers in the world.

Meaning and History

Citizen Logo history

The company’s commitment to innovation and advancements in watchmaking has set it apart from other manufacturers. One of the company’s greatest achievements is the invention of Eco-Drive technology in 1976, which revolutionized the watch market. Powered by natural and artificial light, Eco-Drive watches eliminated the traditional replacement of batteries, making them more environmentally friendly.

In addition to its watch division, Citizen produces a variety of electronic products, including calculators and printers. Throughout its history, Citizen’s commitment to precision, craftsmanship and technological excellence has been the driving force behind its success and widespread recognition around the world. The brand continues to be a symbol of reliability and innovation in timekeeping and electronic devices.

What is Citizen?
Citizen is a wearables brand that primarily specializes in watches, chronometers and electronic devices. Since its foundation in 1918, the brand has become considerable worldwide.

1948 – 1968

Citizen Logo 1948

The original logo was intricate, featuring a wordmark with elaborate glyphs and a clock with hands and numbers behind it. There was also a star and lettering in hieroglyphs, all in white on a blue background.

1968 – 1988

Citizen Logo 1968

The simplification involved removing the numbers from the clock, leaving only the hands. The word “Citizen” also underwent changes, adopting an elegant serif font. The color palette now included red and black on a white background.

1988 – today

Citizen Logo

In the latter version, the design became even simpler, without losing its style. The word “Citizen” still features a highly legible serif script, with slightly different proportions and narrower glyphs. The difference in glyph thickness is smaller, while the clock is completely removed from the logo. The emblem, used as a compact representation, features a white “C” inside a black box.


Citizen Symbol

The latter version of the brand’s logotype is executed without graphic elements, meaning it doesn’t have any coloring except for the black inscription. Previously, a red circular watch with white hands was placed to the left of the logo.


Citizen Emblem

The nameplate features a title case typeface with large serifs. It’s quite a classic typography style, which is a perfect fit for the smartwatches brand.