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Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of earth-moving equipment, tractors, quarry trucks, graders, excavators and other heavy machinery used in the construction, mining and forestry industries.

The company occupies a leading position in the world in the production of large wheel loaders. The company is also engaged in the defense industry, producing engines for battle tanks, engineering equipment and tank transporters. The equipment is used in the exploration of Antarctica, in the construction of Olympic facilities, in space programs and in restoration work after natural disasters.

What is an interesting fact about Caterpillar?
Caterpillar does about 44% of its business in the United States and 56% abroad. The company also licenses and sells a line of shoes and work-wear under its Cat/Caterpillar name.

Meaning and History

Caterpillar Logo History

Caterpillar cars are recognizable by their signature “Caterpillar Yellow” livery and the “CAT” logo. The Caterpillar logo is presented in the form of the abbreviated name “Cat” and an orange triangle, very recognizable in the world.

In 2018, the logo was upgraded, affecting part of Caterpillar products. Then the company announced that it was updating the presentation of its machines, engines, generator sets and work tools.

Caterpillar replaced the current trademark “Power Edge” (Cat trademark on a black background with a red diagonal stripe) with a new graphic design called “Cat Modern Hex”.

The Cat Modern Hex design combines traditional brand names and product models with a bold three-dimensional pattern of a red hexagon and a grille.

The red color is a return to the graphics used on the company’s first tracked tractors in 1925. Cat Modern Hex was developed by Caterpillar Industrial Design Group.

In addition to machines, generators and engines, the new trademark is used for packaging Caterpillar parts and various licensed products, such as toys and scale models. The company stated that the new logo design is a visual reminder of the quality of the company’s products.

1925 – 1931

Caterpillar Logo 1925

1931 – 1932

Caterpillar Logo 1931

1932 – 1939

Caterpillar Logo 1932

1939 – 1941

Caterpillar Logo 1939

1941 – 1957

Caterpillar Logo 1941

1957 – 1967

Caterpillar Logo 1957

1967 – 1989

Caterpillar Logo 1967

1989 – now

Caterpillar logo

Font and Color

Color is the first thing the human eye notices. And only after that a person analyzes the shape of the object, its properties and qualities. Studies show that from 60% to 80% of people make a purchase decision based on the color of the product or its packaging. The main color of the Caterpillar logo is yellow. At the same time, orange, red and white may also be present in the logo.

Yellow is rarely used in the automotive industry, so logos of this color are especially noticeable and stand out with their brightness against the background of the others. By the way, yellow attracts a person’s attention much faster than any other color. That is why the owners of the brand made a choice in favor of yellow.

Yellow is associated with speed and innovation – qualities that are welcomed in the automotive industry.