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Abbott Laboratories is an American chemical and pharmaceutical corporation. It was Included in the Fortune 500 list. It was founded in 1888 by Dr. Wallace Abbott in Chicago under the name Alkaloidal Abbott Laboratories’ Company. Its modern name exists since 1915. It is headquartered in Abbott Park, Illinois.  The company’s name comes from the name of the physician Wallace Calvin Abbott, who began producing medicines in 1888

“What is an interesting fact about Abbott?
Since 1910, Abbott has been committed to helping people in India lead healthier lives through a wide range of evidence-based food products, diagnostic tools, proprietary generic pharmaceuticals, and diabetes and vascular devices.

Meaning and History

Abbott Logo history

The Abbott logo design has been changed 3 times. However, the basis of the design idea appeared in 1961.

1988 – 1961

Abbott Logo 1888

The first version of the Abbott logo was designed in 1888, that is, the year the company was founded. The logo was black and white. Namely, the name of the company was written in white letters on a black background. It has been used for more than 70 years.

1961 – 1986

Abbott Logo 1961

The next version of the logo was invented in 1961.  It became the letter “a” from the company name. It was only in the form of a lowercase letter that it was used as a logo for 25 years. It is a single continuous curved line in the form of a spiral.

1986 – 2006

Abbott Logo 1986

Then, in 1986, the phrase “Abbott Laboratories” was added to the letter “a”. Everything was in black and existed in this form until 2006.

2006 – now

In 2006, the modern Abbott logo appeared. In it, the letter “a” turned blue, and only the first word “Abbott” was left from the phrase. Such a logo can currently be seen on the brand’s products.

Font and Logo

The logo font resembles the Clarendon font. The logo has two main colors: black and blue. The background is white.

In general, black is not welcome in the logos of pharmaceutical companies. They produce medicines for treatment. Medicines prolong life. And in many countries, black is considered a mourning color. However, this fact did not stop the Abbott company.

Perhaps the situation is saved by the blue color. One of the strongest associations with blue color is responsibility. And this property is inextricably linked with reliability. Obviously, this is why many private clinics and medical institutions choose blue for the logo. An additional advantage of the blue palette is that it soothes, relieves stress, reduces emotionality, and relaxes. In medical sphere, this effect is very important.