Card-Pitt Logo

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Card-Pitt was a professional rugby team from the 1940s, which was created through the merger of two teams — Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburg Steelers. The name was also derived from two — Cardinals and Pittsburgh.

Meaning and history

Card-Pitt Logo

The team, created for just one season in 1944, had a very simple year strong and professional logo designed. It was a wordmark in all capitals, executed in a rich burgundy color, placed on a white background. The straight lines and distinct cuts of the letters reflected the strong fighting spirit and reliability of the merged team.


Card-Pitt Uniform

Burgundy is one of the colors, which are timeless in their style, chic and elegance. It represents passion, along with confidence and excellence, evoking a sense of stability and power. In combination with white, it also gives a feeling of loyalty and responsibility.


Card-Pit Font

The modern serif typeface of the Card-Pitt logotype resembles the AZ College font, with its bold strict lines and traditional geometric cuts. It looks simple yet brutal and strong.


The most known emblem of the Card-Pitt team is undoubtedly their logotype, but there was also a bright and ornate image, composed of both team’s visual identities — a circular burgundy-red medallion with three flying cardinal birds, having their beaks in yellow. The bright beaks were balanced by the inner round outline and the birds’ wings contouring. It was a beautiful image, resembling a traditional Chinese art and its intense yet calm colors.


Card-Pitt Helmet

The team was established in 1944, and the first logos appeared on the rugby hel-mets only in 1948, so the Card-Pitt leather helmets featured a plain white color, without any decorative or even colorful elements.