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BloomChic is a young American fashion brand, created for plus-size women. Founded in 2021, the platform has become incredibly popular in no time, and it’s all due to the affordable pricing and a wide range of garments in different styles.

Meaning and history

On the catwalks and glossy covers, you can more and more often meet girls “in a body” in stylish and beautiful clothes, but in reality things are a little worse. If your size is more than 10, it is difficult to find things in stores, which will have a really wide size range. Online stores with a wide range of plus-size clothing come to the rescue.

Beautiful lush shapes can and should be emphasized with clothes with a good cut and actual design. Shopping will cause joyful emotions if you know where to collect images that will be on trend. One of the top online destinations for plus-size shopping from 2021 is the BloomChic website.

BloomChic online store offers quality plus-size women’s clothing with possible free worldwide shipping, a convenient mobile app, discounts, promotions, and gift cards.

This American brand was created specifically for plus-size women. Its designers create clothes that reflect the aesthetics of the time and can take an honorable place in the closet of a modern plus-size girl. The brand’s assortment includes models in both muted and bright colors, and the silhouettes are characterized by laconism and comfortable fit. The main goal of BloomChic is to give plus-size girls the freedom to choose stylish clothes for any occasion. The collection includes dresses, suits, tops, and much more.

In just a few months after its establishment, BloomChic from California started expanding to the international market, offering fast and secure delivery and accepting orders from different sides of the world. Today the website is incredibly popular and has thousands of positive requests and content buyers.

What is BloomChic?
BloomChic is the name of an American fashion brand, that specializes in designing women’s apparel in plus sizes. Founded in California in 2021, BloomChic has gained huge popularity not only in the USA but also internationally, as offers its garments in sizes from 10 to 30 mainly through its online platform.

In terms of visual identity, BloomChic is quite strict and simple, yet its minimalistic approach to design makes the clean shapes and monochromatic palette look very stylish and progressive. The logo is based on the lettering, but for the website icon the company uses a stylized graphical character “B”.

2021 – Today

BloomChic Logo

The official BloomChic logo consists of two parts: the uppercase name of the brand, set in bold black characters, and the “Sizes 10 — 30” tagline, written under the main lettering, in small and medium-weight capitals of the same sans-serif typeface.

As for the icon of the online platform, BloomChic looks more elegant and curvy, with the capital letter “B” formed by three smooth black ribbons. The emblem reflects the feminine essence of the brand, and at the same time elevates the simple minimalistic logo of BloomChic to the next level.

Font and color

BloomChic Emblem

The bold uppercase lettering on the primary BloomChic logo is set in a modern sans-serif typeface with distinctive contours of the characters and straight clean cuts of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Quinoa SC Bold or Engravers Gothic Bold, with some minor modifications in shapes.

This color palette of the BloomChic visual identity is as strict and minimalistic as the font, used for the logo. Based on the combination of white and black, the BloomChic color scheme leaves space for fantasy patterns and bright fabrics of the garments, available on the platform.