Bite Lip Emoji

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Among the most popular emoji are not only yellow faces with different expressions, but also all kinds of icons representing either figures (like hearts), hand gestures, or body parts such as lips. Today we are going to talk just about bright pink lips, where the lower lip is slightly bitten down. It would seem that everything is pretty obvious here. But we see more than one meaning in it. So we invite you to read this material.

🫦 The “Biting Lips” emoticon was assigned the code U+1FAE6, with which it was added to the People and Body section of the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021.

Meaning of the Bite Lip Emoji

Emoji Bite Lip

So, let’s take a look at a relatively new emoji that shows lips, one of which is slightly bitten down. The lips are clearly female, covered in brightly colored lipstick. Immediately you can think that the picture has a sexual coloring. In the case when a girl wants to tease her online interlocutor, to make a hint at something that is intimate, she can use this emoji. As they say, and words do not need, and the thought is given! And the male interlocutor let him develop fantasies or pick up her game and continue it already in this direction.

Bitten lip – a sign of coquetry, defenselessness, some confusion, thinking what to do next, naivety and softness. So girls can actively use this emoji.

But beyond the sexual connotation, this colorful emoji can also reflect excitement and insecurity. Lip biting is a psychological problem. As a rule, people do it when they are worried or unsure of themselves. Psychologists note that those who bite their lips are those who experienced a lack of love and attention in childhood. Adults mostly do it when they experience stress in everyday life.

The Use of the Bite Lip Emoji

Bite Lip Emoji

Of course, most often the bite lip emoji is used in the context of flirting and in romantic correspondence, because for the image of excitement and uncertainty in the standard Unicode set there are other emoji, but for flirting and coquetry the choice is not so great.

Also, the bright pink lipstick, which is painted on the lips in this emoji, narrows the number of options for its use, after all, more suitable for girls. Use bite lip emoji to show your interest in the interlocutor, flirtation, desire to meet, or even an invitation to a date.

It is also quite appropriate to use this emoji in messages to a person whom you have not seen for a long time and miss very much.


The Bite Lip emoji is one of the most popular flirting and sexting emoticons, which is most often used by ladies to show their interest, excitement and desire. However, as we have mentioned above, this emoji can also be used to reflect the nervous state, a lack of confidence in what is happening, or uncertainty – at least in one’s own abilities, or in the outcome.