Zenvo is a first Danish company that produces sports cars on a small scale. It was founded in 2004, and 4 years later it presented its first prototype to the world. In 2009, the final product appeared on the market, which was given the raw name ST1.

Meaning and history

Zenvo Logo history

The company was founded by Troels Vollertsen and named it Zenvo, taking the first two and last three letters of his last name.

2004 – 2011

Zenvo Logo 2004

The company logo has a shield shape with a silver outline, inside which on a black background is the company name with an underline. Below the name is a symbol resembling a hummer.

2011 – now

Zenvo Logo

When comparing the original logo and this version, one will see that there were no drastic changes. In fact, all the shapes and inscriptions were preserved. The main difference between the two is that the colors were inverted, so black was replaced by white, and silver was replaced by black. One will also notice that the shield is now flat and does not have a metallic finish. The modifications gave the logo a more minimalist look that is not only in line with modern style but also gives it a more timeless appearance.

Emblem and Symbol

Zenvo Emblem

The emblem of the Danish company Zenvo contains an image of the hammer of the god of thunder Thor from German-Scandinavian mythology, called Mjölnir.

The Legends

Zenvo has been assembling cars since 2009, but the current lineup, whose representatives are closely related to each other, began to appear in 2016. Then the brand showed in Geneva the TS1 GT, which became the heir to its very first supercar – the ST1. At the same time, a racing version was presented – the extreme TSR. Two years later, the company made a “reverse conversion” of the track model to the road model – and this is how the TSR-S appeared. It is something between the TS1 GT and TSR.