Zastava Logo

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Meaning and history

Zastava Logo history

The Serbian car manufacturer Zastava was registered in 1953 and is a joint project of the Fiat company and the Serbian government. The firm began its activity with the release of licensed models “Fiat” under its own name – the first cars entered the Eastern European market in 1955.

In general, the logo of the company represents the capital letter “Z” placed in a frame. “Z” is the first letter of the company’s name and does not carry any deep meaning in it.

1953 – 1970

Zastava Logo 1953

The first logo was accepted in 1953. It represented a capital white letter “Z” placed inside an irregular oval. The background has a pleasant light green “menthol” shade. The letter is pierced by three white vertical stripes. This logo existed for more than 17 years, and after that was changed.

1970 – 1991

Zastava Logo 1971

The next logo was accepted in 1970 and it looks very similar to the old one. The emblem still represents the capital white letter “Z” which is pierced by three white vertical stripes. Minor changes were made to the shape of the logo – now it has become round and the background, which has changed from mint to black. Because of the collapse of the company during the Serbian war, it is difficult to say when the logo ceased to be used. Presumably, the logo became invalid in 1991.

2000 – 2008

Zastava Logo

In 2000 was accepted a new type of the updated logo. Now it still represented the first letter of the name of the brand “Z”, but now it is not placed inside the frame but rather is part of it. The lines of the letter smoothly flow into the oval of the frame and become part of it. This logo was valid till 2008 when the company was declared bankrupt, sold to concern “Fiat”, and the brand ceased to exist.

Emblem and Symbol

Zastava Emblem

In general, the emblem of Zastava company never carried deep meaning. The company was created by the state and does not have one owner, so its emblem does not have such a rich and unique history as such famous brands as Mercedes, BMW, or Jaguar. Despite all the difficulties, the company adhered to its own style and almost did not change the original logo.