Wiesmann is a German automobile manufacturer known for producing high-performance sports cars. The company was founded in 1988 by brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann. Based in Dülmen, Germany, Wiesmann operates in the luxury car market, catering to enthusiasts who appreciate timeless design and exceptional performance. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, Wiesmann vehicles are synonymous with exclusivity and driving pleasure.

Meaning and History

The well-known German company Wiesmann GmbH was founded in 1988 by brothers Martin Wiesmann and businessman Friedhelm Wiesmann in Dülmen, Germany. The brand specializes in the production of custom hand-built convertibles. For more than thirty years of its existence, the company has never changed the concept of its famous logo – a gecko.

What is Wiesmann?
Wiesmann is a German luxury sports car manufacturer known for producing high-performance, handcrafted vehicles that combine classic design elements with modern engineering. Their cars are coveted for their distinctive appearance, powerful engines, and exceptional driving experience.

1988 – today

Wiesmann Logo

The original logo, accepted by the brothers in 1988, consists of two parts: an emblem and a wordmark on its right. The wordmark has a rich italicized typeface, which includes plenty of thick lines and sharp angles. The narrowed letters and the dark grey color make the inscription look more stylish and futuristic. The open contours of “E” and “A” add air to the lettering, as well as a thin line between the body and the dot of the “I”. Under the nameplate is located a tagline “Manufaktur Der Individualisten”.

The famous emblem represents a silver-gray gecko. The image is very detailed, so we can see legs, tail, eyes, and even imitation of scales. The animal has an unusual form and that creates an illusion that he is alive and moving.

Emblem and Symbol

Wiesmann Emblem

Geckos are known for their ability to crawl effortlessly on perfectly smooth surfaces. By choosing this animal as their symbol, the company wanted to demonstrate the abilities of Wiesmann cars to stick to the road at extremely high speed. In general, a gecko is a very remarkable symbol, that makes the brand unique and, at the same time, fully represents its philosophy.