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The American brand Vector Motors was established in 1971 by Gerald Wiegert, who initially focused on racing cars and supercars. As a result, the first car was presented in 1971, and released only in 1989. Sales did not go well, and in 1990 Vector Motors had to be closed. The company was later reborn as the Vector Motors Corporation and continued to evolve the supercar business.

In the construction of cars of this brand, the latest and most modern materials were used, which applied at that time only in the construction of aircraft and racing cars.

Meaning and History

Vector Logo

The company’s logo is an inverted gray triangle with a smaller red triangle inside. The triangle is inverted because it resembles the shape of the first letter of the brand name, specifically the letter “V”. The company name is also printed above the red triangle in white capital letters.

At its founding, Vector considered its main task to try to compete with European high-performance automobile brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini. In the 1980s and 1990s in total, 50 Vector sports car models were designed and produced. This number also included some racing cars which were built primarily with American-made components.

Almost every single car manufactured by the company is identified with the letter “W” which stands for the surname of the founder — Wiegert, and a number. The letter “X” after the W (for example, WX-8) denotes a prototype device.

Vector Emblem

The Legends

The first car called Vector W2 appeared in 1978, it was stationary during its presentation, but in 1979, a running prototype was built. The car has traveled over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) — more than any concept car. The W8 designed by Wigert and David Kostka supposed to live up to the company’s name and slogan that referred to aerospace technology. The latest high-quality materials were used in the production, and the main parts were designed to last a lifetime with appropriate maintenance.