Tubidy is an online platform focused on sharing multimedia content, particularly music videos. Owned and operated by independent stakeholders, it has carved a niche as a go-to source for entertainment globally. The platform primarily functions in the digital media industry.

Meaning and history

Founded by independent tech enthusiasts, Tubidy has transformed into a key player in the world of multimedia sharing since its inception. Known for facilitating user-friendly music video sharing, the platform has made significant strides in the digital media industry. Currently, Tubidy stands as a prominent entity in the digital entertainment sphere, contributing to the ever-evolving music landscape.

What is Tubidy?
Tubidy is a digital platform offering users access to a vast array of multimedia content, with a particular emphasis on music videos. It stands as a popular resource for entertainment worldwide.

2009 – Today

Tubidy Logo

The Tubidy logo, designed in 2009, hasn’t changed much throughout the years. The friendly and light badge, set in a blue, black, and white color palette, looks very “young” and playful. The concept is based on a bold lowercase wordmark, with the characters jumping above the horizontal line. The “Tu” part is colored in light blue, while the “Bidy” — in black, with the “I” replaced by an exclamation mark, and the “B” and the “D” boasting small black dots in their negative spaces, making up a stylized face.

The inscription is set on a white background and outlined in light blue, which makes it bright and readable in any surroundings.