Smart Logo

Smart Logo

Smart is a brand of extra small German cars launched by Daimler in 1994. It means several things. First, it’s an extremely new brand on the market, and second – they are sisters with Mercedes and other wonderful brands under this conglomerate from Baden. There’s a lot to tell, essentially.

Meaning and History

Smart Logo

In terms of their emblem, however, Smart didn’t have a lot of opportunities to improve their current logo. In its branding as a whole, the company uses tiny-sized elements, like absolute lowercase on all writings. The logo also follows the logic of making everything small to convey the message.

1994 – 2002Smart Logo

2002 – now

Smart Logo

Smart doesn’t seem to have a logo until 2002, when this version was introduced. The current variant is composed of two equal parts: the company name and the emblem itself. They can be used together (in this case, the logo will depict text to the right of the emblem) or separately for various occasions.

The text is exclusively lowercase letters. It was their decision to style their name in small soft letters. In terms of softness, this quality is achieved through a choice of font and color. Color is a very pale grey, so it’s not really striking. The font is characterized by round corners. As a result, there are very little sharp angles in this writing.

The emblem is a lot more sharp and industrial. It’s basically a metal word ‘c’ (in lowercase) with a golden arrowhead stitched to the right side of it. By their own remarks, the letter is supposed to mean ‘cuteness’ or ‘compactness’, while the arrow is a movement and the foresight of the car developers.

The designers in Smart also gave their logo a bit of volume, because this was the fashion of the day – all car manufacturers made their logos 3D at that point. As a consequence, you can see massive tilts on the surface of the emblem, as well as a good doze of lighting gradient.

Emblem and Symbol

Smart Logo

This emblem of theirs is also used as a car badge. They put it in front, remove the gap between the arrow and the letter, and give them a lot of chroming. As a result, the badge looks like a ring with an additional triangle in its right side.

Sometimes they just put their name in a specific color in front, if the concept of the car demands it – for instance, if it’s an environmentally-friendly or a futuristic auto.

The Legends

There’s about a dozen of interesting mini-car concepts that Smart came up with. The Fortwo line is the most ambitious – they are pretty much the flagman of the brand right now. And the most recent out of them is Fortwo C453. These are very small and have a 3-cilinder engine.