Škoda Auto is one of the oldest car brands in the world. The Czech company survived two world wars and the difficult period of socialism, and today celebrates well-deserved triumphs around the world. The Skoda factory was established in Pilzno in 1859 (the name comes from Emil Skoda, who in 1869 took over these plants from Count Arnost Waldstein, previously holding a managerial position in the factory).

Meaning and History

Skoda Logo history

The Skoda brand logo has come a long way to achieve its today’s signature look. It represents the Indian arrow and the speed and freedom associated with it.

1895 – 1905

Skoda Logo 1895

The logo presenting a bicycle wheel with woven linden leaves symbolized the Slavic origin of the brand and the company’s initial profile – production of motorcycles and bicycles.

1900 – 1905

Skoda Logo 1900

Another logo was dedicated exclusively to motorcycles. Due to their shape and color, they were commonly called gingerbread. 4 thousand copies – this number of motorcycles marked with this sign were produced in the Laurin & Klement factory

1905 – 1925

Skoda Logo 1905

In 1905, with the production of the first car, the famous Voiturette A, Laurin & Klement presented a new logo in an Art Nouveau style. There were the initials of the founders entwined in laurels. Bay leaves were to symbolize victory and fame.

1913 – 1929

Skoda Logo 1913

At that time, the logo represented the names of two ambitious young engineers who set up the production of bicycles, naming the company with their own surnames Laurin & Klement.

1923 – 1925

Skoda Logo 1923

It was referred to the famous soaring arrow of an Indian. Such a drawing won an organized design competition held in Prague. Two images were suggested: one with an arrow stylized with five feathers, and the other with three feathers. The first logo did not take root and existed only in 1924-1925.

1925 – 1933

Skoda Logo 1925

In 1926, another variant of the logotype appeared, dedicated exclusively to the automotive division, the Skoda concern. It was used from late 1925 to 1934, only on products – in the upper part of the radiator grille.

1926 – 1933

Skoda Logo 1926
It was an oval with a laurel wreath around the perimeter and an inscription inside. Still, such a Skoda logo turned out to be not too successful (it ceased to be used since 1933) and in parallel with it another option appeared, which marked the beginning of the modern logo.

1933 – 1986

Skoda Logo 1933
The second trademark registered by Skoda Pilzno at the end of 1923 became an icon of the brand. To this day, speculation continues about who was its creator, where he drew his inspiration, and who was the final designer.

1986 – 2011

Skoda Logo 1986
The next version of the logotype was created after the brand was taken over by the Volkswagen concern. The logo ring was filled with the full, new name of the factory – Skoda Auto.
The “winged arrow” logo is undergoing further cosmetic changes, but its symbolism has not changed for years. Its elements are read as follows:

  • circle – globe, worldwide brand reach;
  • wing – technical progress, freedom of choice, wide range of offers;
  • arrow – innovation, speed of action, accuracy of choices made;
  • eye – vigilance and forethought;
  • green color – environmentally friendly production.

1993 – 1999

Skoda Logo 1993
The color changes gave the logo a completely different feel and look. There was no more black. It was replaced by green. only the inscription and the inner circle were now white. This was an interesting design move as there was no more focus point in the logo. All the elements seemed to have equal importance.

1999 – 2011

Skoda Logo 1999
In 1999, the trademark was slightly refreshed. The printed version of the logo has been embossed.

2011 – present

Skoda Logo 2011
The entire styling of Skoda has been rejuvenated. The design of the brand has changed, including the logo. From now on, it has a juicy green color, and the delicate chrome circle around the arrow has been placed at a greater distance. The logo has become more spacious, it evokes “adventure” associations. The legendary “Skoda Auto” disappeared from the circle – it was replaced by the clear word “Skoda”, placed directly above the logo.

2022 – now

Skoda Logo
The designers did not introduce any new elements. Instead, they took the familiar Indian arrow and placed it on a white circle with a thin frame. The brand name was placed underneath. It featured a geometric, sans-serif font with diagonal cuts in relatively unexpected places. The font resembled Aspire SmallCaps by Grype. The inscription looked bold and confident. The whole emblem was done in a very light, unique green color. It should be noted that the logo here looks completely flat.

Emblem and Symbol

Skoda Emblem
The Skoda emblem did not look like it is today. Not only that – it can be safely said that in the initial period it was more changeable and unpredictable. Minimalism is the showcase of the present times, so the logo has been significantly modernized and simplified. The green arrow looks as if it has been cut into a metal plate, and around it runs a thin chrome circle with the inscription “Škoda” above it.

The Legends

The most popular Skoda models:

  • Skoda Felicia – with the basic model in the form of a five-door hatchback and several other versions, including a pickup;
  • Skoda Roomster – a very spacious city car in passenger or delivery version;
  • Skoda Yeti – still produced in China with an extended wheelbase;
  • Skoda Rapid – a city car or a compact car with a very elegant design for this class;
  • Skoda Octavia 2 – one of the versions of the popular classic of the brand.