The brand has nothing to do with the sewing machines of American Isaac Singer since Singer Motors Limited was founded in British Coventry in 1874 and started with the production of bicycles. Then motorcycles and cars were added to them – mostly small in size and at affordable prices. The real bestseller of the company was the Singer Roadster, produced from 1939 to 1955.

Meaning and History

In 1875, George Singer and his half-brother James Charles Stringer establish their own bicycle manufacturing firm, Singer and Co. In 1878 the brothers patent a bicycle of their own design.

In 1901 the bicycle company finally decides to enter the market of motor vehicles, for this purpose the patent for their invention is purchased from the firm Perks & Birch Motor. Edwin Perks and Frank Birch designed a motorcycle in 1899m, in which a single-cylinder 2-horsepower 222cc engine was installed in the wheel between aluminum spokes.

From 1905 the first Singer cars appeared. In 1911 the company’s own engines were introduced and fitted to a new model range that would last until the First World War.

What is Singer?
Singer Automaker is a historic automobile manufacturing company that was active from 1905 to 1970. Known for producing innovative and stylish cars, Singer played a significant role in the early development of the British automobile industry.

1905 – 1970

Singer Logo

The company’s logo had a fairly simple form, which is not surprising considering the years of the company’s existence. It consisted of an image of a black wheel, on top of which there was a large letter S, symbolizing the name of the company.

Emblem and symbol

Singer Emblem

There are different types of emblems that a company may have used. There are types of emblems where only a metal symbol was used, and there are also exclusively text versions with the name of the company.