This German firm manufactured a range of different products: firearms, bicycles, cars, mopeds, and motorcycles. Its story begins in 1854, when brothers Loeb and Moses Simson bought a third of the shares of a steel company in Suhl, Germany. The production of carbon steel and the founding of Simson & Co took place in 1856. The company began producing cannon barrels and shells for them. In 1871 they built their first steam engine, and in 1896 they began to manufacture bicycles. Car production started in 1907.

Meaning and History

German company Simson has been active in developing and manufacturing for almost 150 years. During this time, it managed to produce a considerable number of vehicles (including mopeds, motorcycles, and autos) and weapons. The company was founded in 1854, and the brand ceased to exist in 2003.

The most iconic model of Simson mopeds is the Schwalbe-KR51-1, introduced in 1964. This scooter is distinguished by a special aesthetic design and impressive driving qualities, which made it the main competitor of the famous Vespa.

What is Simson?
Simson is a former German automaker that specialized in the production of motorcycles and bicycles. The company was established in 1856 and gained recognition for its high-quality engineering and innovative designs.

1954 – 2003

Simson Logo

The company logo consists of a white circle with a black rim, inside which there is a stylized letter “S”, symbolizing the name of the company. On both sides of the circle are “wings”, each of which consists of three horizontal lines. The company name is placed under the logo in black capital letters.

Emblem and Symbol

The “winged” form of the emblem is quite popular and is used by many successful companies. However, the company’s emblem is memorable, legible, and easily recognizable.

Font and color

Simson Emblem

The uppercase lettering from the primary logo of Simson was set in a very laconic and modest sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such iconic fonts as Arial Arabic Bold or Akhbar Bold. The main characteristics of this typeface are clean lines and straight cuts of the bars.

As for the color palette of the Simson badge, it was set in black-and-white for the printing materials, and in glossy silver with black accents, when placed on the products of the brand.