Scania is a Swedish company that produces trucks, tractors, buses and diesel engines. The company was founded in 1891 in Malmö and initially dealt with the production of railway carriages under the name Vagnfabriks Aktiebolaget and Södertälj – Vabis for short. Nine years later, a machine factory called Scania was established in the same city to produce bicycles. The brand name comes from a land in Sweden. Soon, the Swedes also started producing trucks and cars.

Meaning and History

Scania Logo history

The griffin in the logo is positioned in the middle of the connected blue circle and triangle. Under the logo is the name of the company depicted in blue color. The animal is in red color and through years had both golden and silver crown. The golden color symbolized power and courage, while the silver color symbolized strength and reliability. The inspiration for the logo is the Swedish coat of arms.

1901 – 1911

Scania Logo 1901

It is a well-known fact that “Scania” began its existence in 1891. In the period 1901-1911, there was a historic merger of two companies: one producing bicycles, and the second producing railway cars. Hence the first emblem followed: the head of a griffin framed by three spokes of a bicycle connecting rod.

1911 – 1954

Scania Logo 1911

The logo pattern did not change march from the previous version. Only the color scheme changed. The logo changed from black and gold to blue and gold.

1954 – 1969

Scania Logo 1954

In the 60s of the last century, representatives of Daimler-Benz competitors made a claim that the Scania emblem was very similar to the Mercedes badge. Scania, whose country of origin is Sweden, was not so strong in the political arena at that time, and in 1968 the logo was changed to a simple image of a red griffin on a blue background.

1969 – 1984

Scania Logo 1969

The logo was simply the name of the Scania brand, written in bold letters in the color silver metallic.

1984 – 1995

Scania Logo 1984

The logo was a blue circle, which contained two intersecting circles inside, and there was a red griffin head in the center.

1995 – 2017

Scania Logo 1995

The logo was the same red griffin head in a golden crown on a dark blue background. The drawing of three spokes of a bicycle connecting rod was added.

2017 – now

Scania Logo

The logo remained the same as at the previous stage, only the name of the Scania brand was located under the drawing. The name was written in large bold blue letters.

Emblem and Symbol

Scania Emblem

The Scania emblem is a fairly well-known and memorable. It depicts the crowned head of the mythical griffin, which is located on the coat of arms of the southernmost Swedish county of Skane. The current version of the Scania logo was created in 1984 and symbolized speed, vigilance and courage.

The Legends

Scania G440

It is a large-capacity vehicle with increased cross-country ability. It is intended for transportation in difficult road conditions and in unfavorable climatic environments.

Scania R730 V8

It is used for the transportation of goods over long distances. It is adapted for intensive use in difficult conditions.

Scania P400

It is a large-tonnage dump truck, the wheel arrangement of which is “6×4”. It is used for regional and local transportation of goods, in road, construction, agriculture and utilities.