Saudi Aramco Logo

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Saudi Aramco is a state-controlled petroleum and gas manufacturer and exporter. It claims to be the biggest oil company on the planet. It appeared in 1933 and its main offices are now located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. They control a spectrum of oil and gas-related facilities, including buildings in fields, refining stations, and plants both in and outside the country.

Meaning and history

Saudi Aramco Logo history

The company’s title is an amalgamation of the country’s ruling family, Saudi, and the acronym of the company that has been its predecessor, Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO).

The business began in the 1930s with the old discovery agreement signed between the Standard Oil of California and Saudi Arabia. This agreement would start a long and storied partnership between the two nations in the energy sector.

Throughout the next 40 years, American entrepreneurs increased their presence in Saudi Arabia, discovering new and new oil fields and creating new plants. Considering this, the government bought most of the company shares in the late 70s and then acquired the entire company in the few years that followed.

Nowadays, Saudi Aramco plays an extremely significant role in the world’s petroleum industry. This is the second most expensive company, and the first one by oil reserves and production (3,65 billion barrels a year). The company plays a leading role in the country’s economy.

What is Saudi Aramco?
Saudi Aramco is the globe’s most considerable oil-producing corporation, powered by the Saudi national government. It was established in 1933 following the concession agreement between the state and American Standard Oil of California. Today Aramco operates oil refineries, plants, and fields in many corners of the planet.

2001 – 2019

Saudi Aramco Logo 2001

The star emblem in Saudi Aramco’s older logo exudes familiarity. The symbol comprises multiple white dots of different sizes that form a solid white center. The star has ten long edges that visually represent energy and light emanating from oil rigs across the globe. The white dots are indicative of the vast expanse of oil rigs owned by the company.

The emblem sits inside a square box that splits it into two triangles. The upper triangle is blue and represents the sky, while the lower triangle is green and symbolizes the earth, suggesting the company’s commitment to preserving the environment while producing oil.

To the left of the emblem is the company’s name, written in Arabic and English, in a rich blue color that pops against a white background. The Arabic script is on top of the English script, and both lines are of the same font size, bringing about a sense of equality and cultural appreciation.

2019 – today

Saudi Aramco Logo

The 2019 redesign shows the square placed to the right of the minimalistic nameplate in all lowercase gray characters. The name caption now shows only the word ‘aramco’, with the letterforms that got significant changes in the design.


Saudi Aramco Emblem

Saudi Aramco’s corporate chromatic choice features shades of blue and green. These colors appear in the logo for a reason, blue means the sky, while green reflects the earth, and the white star between the blue and green halves depicts the oil plants, operated by companies around the world. The hues are deepened, exuding a sense of power.


Saudi Aramco Symbol

The highly readable script of the company name represents its recognizable style. The letters ‘a’ look like the drops with their sharpened lower edges. The ‘m’ also has its upper left corner made angular. The letter ‘r’ is elegantly rounded.