Polaris Industries Logo

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Polaris Industries is an American company specializing in the production of snowmobiles, ATVs, road bikes, and electric cars. The company was founded in 1954 in Minnesota (USA). The first snowmobile and, accordingly, the first equipment was produced in 1955.

Meaning and History

The Polaris brand is considered to be the ancestor of snowmobiles in the world. Their history began in 1954, when Minnesota residents David Johnson and brothers Edgar and Alan Hitten, who were engaged in the production of agricultural equipment, assembled the first snowmobile by hand in their spare time. The model was named Polaris Number One. The name of the snowmobile was chosen on the geographical principle. Polaris is the North Star, and Minnesota is the northernmost (except for Alaska, of course) state of the USA. Serial production of Polaris snowmobiles began only in the sixties.

To date, the model range of Polaris snowmobiles is represented by a large number of models designed for different purposes. Each series has its own unique features that help Polaris snowmobiles become the best in their niche. The company also produces ATVs, motorcycles, roadsters and boats.

What is Polaris Industries?
Polaris Industries is a multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of powersports vehicles, including snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and electric vehicles. They are known for their innovative designs and high-performance products.

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Polaris Industries Logo

The name of the brand, like the guiding star after which it is named, reflects the main idea of the company – to be a leader in its industry. The logo consists of a blue oval with a white star drawn inside. To the right of the symbol is the name of the company in capital letters also in blue. The font has rounds and smooth lines, and inside the letter “O” there is another white star.

Emblem and symbol

Polaris Industries Emblem

The colors of the logo perfectly match the name of the company. Blue is a popular color in logo design, and its combination with white symbolizes the company’s safety and technological development.

Font and color

The clean distinctive lettering from the Polaris logo is set in the uppercase of a laconic geometric sans-serif typeface with the full-shaped capital letters and a stylized letter “O”. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are Venus Rising Bold or Unison Pro Bold.

As for the color palette of the Polaris visual identity? It is based on the cold and fresh combination of blue and white, which reflects the essence and the purpose of the company most.