Pininfarina was founded in 1930, it still belongs to the founder’s family (now his grandson is in charge) and is best known for designing beautiful cars. The Italian company is also known for production of perfume bottles, luxury motor boats, computer monitors, buses etc.

Meaning and History

Pininfarina Logo history

The brand name is a fusion of the nickname (Pinin) and the surname (Farina) of the creator, and the chosen logo perfectly emphasized the status of the company.

1906 – 1930

Pininfarina Logo 1906

The first company logo was in the form of a blue coat of arms with gold wings and a crown at the top. On the coat of arms there was a stylized letter “F” in gold color, and the surname of the creator was written on the wings in small letters. Mountain goats were depicted under the coat of arms on both sides, under which there was a blue rectangle with the text “Tortona Torino”.

1930 – present

Pininfarina Logo 1930

In 1930, the logo took the form of a white vertical rectangle with a blue outline, at the top of which was a red crown. The top-left and bottom-right corners were shaded in red color, an in the middle of rectangle there was a stylized lowercase blue “F”. Below the symbol was a calligraphic text with the name of the company in blue color.

2018 – 2020

Pininfarina Logo 2018

A stylish and sleek logo was presented in 2018. It featured a futuristic-looking “F” initial that had a metallic silver gradient as well as a light blue line running along one side. This emblem was accompanied by just as glamorous an inscription underneath. The name of the company was done in a similar finish style but without the blue line and in a slightly lighter gray. The company chose to use lowercase letters for its name and a beautiful calligraphic font. Above the name, they added an “Automobili” inscription in light blue using a much smaller, more basic sans-serif font. However, the letters were placed quite far from each other, so both lines were the same length. This creates a balanced image.

2020 – now

Pininfarina Logo

This is a different spin on the logo introduced a couple of years earlier. The company presented a completely black logo on a white background. They did not change any of the logo elements, though. The logo still features the name of the company printed using a font introduced back in 1930, only now it is done in black instead of dark blue. The logo turned out to look sophisticated, drawing inspiration from the darker colors of the early versions of company logos.

Emblem and Symbol

Pininfarina Emblem

The company’s emblem contains many symbols of luxury and high status: a crown, pearls, the use of gold, which testifies to a rich heritage. Mountain goats symbolized competitiveness and overcoming obstacles.

The color palette of the modern logo is presented in a combination of blue, red and white colors, which symbolizes the company’s leadership and responsibility.