Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad – usually shortened to Perodua. The automaker has been based in Malaysia since 1993. This firm is the second largest privately owned company, behind Proton.

Meaning and history

Perodua Logo history

Perodua, founded by the Malaysian government and Daihatsu in 1993, is an automobile manufacturing company based in Malaysia. Over the years, Perodua has achieved significant milestones and emerged as a prominent player in the automotive industry. They have focused on producing affordable and reliable vehicles, catering to the needs of the Malaysian market. With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, Perodua has successfully developed a range of popular models, including the Myvi, Axia, and Bezza, which have garnered a loyal customer base. Currently, Perodua continues to thrive as one of Malaysia’s leading car manufacturers, contributing to the country’s automotive sector and economy.

What is Perodua?
Perodua is a Malaysian automobile manufacturing company specializing in compact cars. It is known for producing affordable and reliable vehicles that cater to the local market’s needs.

1993 – 1998

Perodua Logo 1993

The first company logo was in the form of a square, inside which was a green letter P and a red shape that symbolized the number 2.

1998 – 2007

Perodua Logo 1998

In 1998, the logo took on the shape of an ellipse with a silver rim. The green and red shapes were now relatively the same size compared to the first logo. Under the badge was the name of the company in black with a stylized letter “O”.

2008 – present

Perodua Logo

In 2008, the logo was slightly modernized, and the stylized letter “O” disappeared. Now all the letters in the name were the same black color.

Emblem and symbol

Perodua Emblem

The green color in the emblem symbolizes environmental safety, and the red color symbolizes development and competitiveness.

The Legends

Perodua Axia

The five-door compact hatchback has been produced since 2014 in Malaysia, the car is intended for the local market.

Perodua Bezza

The compact sedan has been produced in Malaysia since 2016 and is only sold in the local market. This is the first model independently developed by the company.