Pagani Automobili S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of exclusive supercars that use carbon fiber components in the development of their models. The beginning of the company goes back to 1992 when it was established by the enterprising Italian Horatio Pagani and is located in San Cesario sul Panaro.

Meaning and history

Pagani Logo history

The features of the logo (bold sans serif, shades of gray, the use of blue) emphasize the reliability and power of the company’s products.

1992 – present

Pagani Logo 1992

The logo has the shape of a three-dimensional ellipse with the company name in the middle. Above the name are the mirrored and regular letters “P”, which form another ellipse. The “arc” of the mirrored letter P is painted blue, and the space between the outline and the company name is filled with small dots. Below on the arc is the inscription “Automobili Modena”.

2005 – now

Pagani Logo

Although this logo was created in 2005, the designers were able to create a brand image that looks stylish and modern even twenty years later. It was achieved mainly by making a very minimalistic design and using a classic black color. The emblem consisted of an ellipse frame and the company name printed using all uppercase letters. A sans-serif font featured semi-bold lines with even thickness that created smooth curves and straight lines. The ends looked a bit rounded which complemented the round forms of the lettering and the frame. The font is a simplified version of the one featured in the previous version and looks very similar to Arkitech Font, designed by Neogrey Creative.

Emblem and symbol

Pagani Emblem

In the company’s production there is the use of a simplified logo, which consists of the name of the company and an oval shape, which is larger than the inscription. All other elements of the regular logo are ignored.

Pagani Huayra logo

The car logo is presented in the form of an inscription with the model name. The text is in italics with silver colored lowercase letters, with a slightly stylized uppercase letter.

The Legends

Pagani Zonda

The premiere of the first car of the brand took place in 1998. The mid-engined lightweight sports car received a carbon body and a six-liter power unit with 394 horsepower.

Pagani Huayra

The M158 engine is exclusively produced for the car.

Zonda Cinque

The car was launched as a 2009 model and is based on the Zonda R line