Opel is one of the oldest automotive companies, whose history began in 1862 with the production of sewing machines and bicycles. From the end of the 1920s, Opel was part of the General Motors concern, and since 2017 the German brand belongs to the French PSA Group.

Meaning and History

Opel Logo history

Opel passenger cars wore an “O” through which a stylized airship was pierced. The famous Blitz trucks, which in German means “lightning”, impressed with their size and the distant voyages they took. Blitz’s lightning bolt replaced an airship. The Opel badge officially appeared in this form for the first time in 1964.

1862 – 1910

Opel Logo 1862

The first logo is nothing more than the initials of the founder of the Company, Adam Opel. Since 1962 OPEL has been manufacturing sewing machines – at that moment the logo was the brown letter “A” inscribed inside the red letter “O”.

1888 – 1889

Opel Logo 1888

This was the second logo made for the sewing machines, and the first one for bicycles. The logo was in the shape of a gray hexagon with gray circles at its four corners. At the top of the logo was written the name of the creator and at the bottom was the city, which is still the headquarters of the company. In the middle were depicted lions with crowns.

1889 – 1893

Opel Logo 1889

The third logo for sewing machines was in the shape of a grey crossed-out “O”. On the upper arc of the letters were the initials of the creator, on the lower one was the name of the city, and on the dash in the middle was the name of the company.

1893 – 1899

Opel Logo 1893

After the Company began to manufacture bicycles, OPEL acquired a new logo depicting a cyclist and an angel flying over him, with the slogan Victoria Blitz, as if hinting at the victory of the brand’s bicycles. OPEL.


Opel Logo 1899

This logo was used several times during the period when the company was run by the creator’s wife. The name of the company and the city in which the headquarters were located were written on a gray, curved shield.

1899 – 1902

Opel Logo 1899-1902

In 1899, the picture and inscriptions from the logo were removed, leaving only “Opel” and adding “Fahrräder” – “bicycle”. The openwork font, red background and green curls make the emblem brighter. Many bicycles have been produced under this logo by the Opel Company.

1902 – 1906

Opel Logo 1902

The logo resembled the shape of a red eye, inside which there was an oval with the name of the company, and at the top and bottom there were words “Motorwagenfabrik” and “Rüsselsheim”.

1906 – 1909

Opel Logo 1906

In the early stages of car development, OPEL worked closely with Renault. It was at this moment in 1906 that an art-decorated black logo with a brown inscription OPEL RUSSELHEIM appeared.

1909 – 1910

Opel Logo 1909

In 1909, the logo was simplified. Only the name Opel remained. The logo was intentionally simplified to emphasize its energy.

1910 – 1921

Opel Logo 1910

After Wilhelm von Opel visited the USA to study the technologies of conveyor production of cars, the Duke of Hesse proposed the idea of a new logo in the form of a stylized blue eye entwined with a bay leaf. This logo was also called an “Opel Eye”.

1921 – 1928

Opel Logo 1921

The “Opel Eye” was now yellow with a black outline and the company name in the middle.


Opel Logo 1928

The logo was in the form of a square with a division inside, reminiscent of a chessboard. On the brown squares were the letters “O” and “L”, and on the white – “P” and “E”.

1928 – 1937

Opel Logo 1928-1937

The logo again took the shape of an eye, but this time it was depicted in yellow in a red circle.


Opel Logo 1930

In 1930, the Company began production of the fastest truck, which weighed 2.5 tons and was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters. Inside the already familiar yellow eye was the inscription “Blitz Rad” in black color.

1930 – 1936

Opel Logo 1930-1936

The logo was now a black oval with a gray outline. The name “Blitz” was specially written at an angle to emphasize speed and impetuosity.


Opel Logo 1936

This was the third logo was only used on Opel delivery trucks. The logo consisted of a name “Opel Blitz” completely crossed out by lightning.

1936 – 1952

Opel Logo 1936-1952

This truck logo consisted of the words “Opel” and “Blitz” in white color on gray rectangles.

1937 – 1938 (badge)

Opel Logo 1937

The logo and the airship were depicted in black.

1937 – 1947

Opel Logo 1937-1947

Symbolizing the primacy of the Germans in advanced technology, the grey airship flew through the yellow letter “O”, which resembled the name of the founder of the Company, and a bicycle wheel symbolized society.

1937 – 1950 (badge)

Opel Logo 1937-1950

Half white and half yellow oval logo with black company name in the middle.

1938 – 1947 (badge)

Opel Logo 1938

The letter “O” now had three layers and the entire logo was rendered in gray.

1947 – 1954

Opel Logo 1947

The logo was a simplified version of the 1937-1938 logo.

1950 – 1970

Opel Logo 1950

A copy of the 1937-1950 emblem, with the addition of small details.

1951 – 1953 (badge)

Opel Logo 1951

Modernized version of the 1937-1938 logo. The airship was depicted with a wing and a letter “O” with two layers.

1952 – 1964

Opel Logo 1952

The fifth and final emblem that was used for trucks and was in the form of a horizontal lightning bolt.

1953 – 1956 (badge)

Opel Logo 1953

Slightly modified version of the 1937-1938 logo.

1954 – 1963

Opel Logo 1954

A copy of the previous emblem, but in yellow with the company name at the bottom.

1956 (badge)

Opel Logo 1956

Thicker version of the airship logo.

1956 – 1957 (badge)

Opel Logo 1956-1957

The airship logo, in which the letter “O” had only one layer.

1957 – 1959 (badge)

Opel Logo 1957

The letter “O” was again depicted with three layers, and the one in the middle was noticeably thicker. The wing has also changed.

1959 – 1963

Opel Logo 1959

Gold-colored logo with airship and single-layered “O”.

1963 – 1964

Opel Logo 1963

1964 became a landmark in the history of the Opel logo – a lightning appears crossing the circle, which is the emblem that is now recognized throughout the world. Lightning is an echo of the famous Blitz machine, which has been successfully produced for 30 years.

1964 – 1968 (badge)

Opel Logo 1964

The gray logo now showed only a circle and a lightning bolt crossing it.

1964 – 1970

Opel Logo 1964-1970

The aforementioned logo was now displayed in a square that also contained the name of the company.

1968 – 1970 (badge)

Opel Logo 1968

Slightly modified version of the 1968–1970 logo.

1970 – 1978

Opel Logo 1970

The circle and the lightning have been simplified and now depicted on a beige background with the company name below.

1978 – 1987

Opel Logo 1978

In 1970, the Opel logo began to be placed on a yellow background, the traditional color of dealer networks.


Opel Logo 1987

The name of the company disappeared, and the lightning and the circle had only black outlines.

1987 – 2002

Opel Logo 1987-2002

Lightning and a circle were depicted on a beige background. Under it was the name of the company. And the whole logo was inside the rectangle.

1991 – 1995

Opel Logo 1991

The lightning and circle were white on the black circle.

1995 – 2002

Opel Logo 1995

The zipper and circle were black with the company name at the bottom.

2002 – 2007

Opel Logo 2002

The logo has become three-dimensional, larger and brighter, the yellow name of the company has shifted downward.

2007 – 2009

Opel Logo 2007

Improved version of the three-dimensional logo.

2009 – 2017

Opel Logo 2009

Three-dimensional silver logo with the company name on a circle crossed by a lightning bolt.

2016 – 2021 (badge)

Opel Logo 2016

Previous version of the emblem with minor color changes.

2017 – 2020

Opel Logo 2017

Rejection of the three-dimensional image. The logo featured only a minimalistic circle and the lightning.

2020 – present

Opel Logo 2020

This is a variation of the 2017 logo with a font called Opel Next. The name of the company reappeared under the circle and lightning.

2023 – now

Opel Logo

The redesign of the Opel logo, held in 2023, has added more sharpness and geometry to the iconic emblem of the automaker. The recognizable lighting bolt has been split up into two parts, divided by a thin white horizontal line. Another change was made to the circular outline, which became thinner than in the previous version. As for the lettering, it was slightly refined but kept the initial style and shapes.

Emblem and Symbol

Opel Emblem

The Opel emblem is made in several shades of silver and also has black shades. The silver lightning is adorned with black accents, and the Opel name is printed in black letters at the top of the emblem. This is the first emblem of a German company in a long time to be devoid of any yellow elements.

The Legends


The fifth generation Corsa (marked with the letter E) made its debut in 2014 and its successor will be available soon.


The fifth incarnation of the Astra (factory designation – K) went on sale in 2015.

Mokka X

Opel Mokka has been on the market since 2012, and after a facelift (in 2016) it was given a new name – Mokka X.