Noble Automotive Ltd. is a British automobile company headquartered in Leicester, better known as Noble. The company that specialized in the production of high-speed sports cars was founded in West Yorkshire by Lee Noble. Manufacturing of bodies and chassis takes place in South Africa. Assembly — at the Noble factory. The price of the latest model called the Noble M600 is £200,000.

Meaning and History

At the very beginning of its history, Noble planned to produce only a few dozen cars per year, creating an exclusive brand. However, the founders found a suitable production facility in South Africa, which allowed them to think of larger volumes, and the company changed its plan to 200 cars per year. Already in 1999, the first car of the newly created company was released. It was a Roadster Noble M10. In 2000 the outstanding Noble M12 was released and won the title of the fastest car ever produced in England.

But the most iconic model of the company was introduced in 2010. However, the company does not rest on its laurels and is always working on improving its ideas. This led to the fact that in the early 2020s Noble introduced a new model – the M500 coupe.

What is Noble?
Noble Automotive Ltd. is a British sports car manufacturer known for producing high-performance, limited-production vehicles. They specialize in creating lightweight, aerodynamic cars that deliver exceptional speed and handling on both road and track.

1999 – Today

Noble Logo

The Noble logo looks like a chess queen or crown, which consists of two letters “N”, that is, from the first letter of the company name. This approach to the creation of a logo symbolizes the elitism of the brand’s cars and their power.

Emblem and Symbol

On the logo under the crown, which consists of two letters “N”, there is the name of the company’s founder Lee Noble, who was the main designer and executive director of the brand from 1996 to 2009. The brand is owned by an English car manufacturer that specializes only in high-speed sports cars.

Font and color

Noble Emblem

The uppercase wordmark from the simple yet bright Noble logo is set in the italicized sans-serif typeface with medium-eight lines and a lot of air inside and between the characters. The Noble font looks pretty close to Vipnagorgialla Light Italic or Tactic Sans Extended Regular Italic.

The color palette of the Noble badge is very delightful and vivid due to the use of yellow. Full of energy, the Noble yellow is accompanied by thin black lines and a white background.