Ford Mustang is a well-known pony car (compact with a relatively powerful engine). It has been in production since 1964, and the sixth generation of the model has been produced since 2014.

Meaning and History

Mustang Logo

The creators were looking for a characteristic name and symbol. The ideas included names such as Cougar, Allegro and Torino. The new Ford car was intended mainly for young people, so people were looking for something that would symbolize freedom and strength. The choice fell on the Mustang, a wild horse from the North American prairies. A characteristic logo, known today all over the world, was created – a galloping horse against the background of red, white and blue stripes symbolizing the United States and American roots.

Mustang cobra emblem

Mustang cobra emblem

This logo was found in different versions. The full version included a cobra with sharp fangs located inside a circle. In the center of the circle was the inscription “Shelby”. The logo was usually located on the front grille and without a circle. The company did not provide an official explanation regarding this logo choice.

Mustang coyote emblem

Mustang coyote emblem

The emblem depicts the head of a howling wolf and the inscription “Coyote” under it. Mostly the wolf was depicted in black or gray color on a red, black or gray background. There are no official sources for the appearance of this logo, but this is the name of the 5.0 engine used in Mustang GT model.

Mustang gt emblem

Mustang gt emblem

The GT lettering stands for “Grand Touring” or “Gran Turismo”. Typically, such a logo appeared on cars designed with speed and comfort in mind for comfortable long-distance travel.

Emblem and Symbol

Mustang Emblem

The chrome emblem on the engine cover symbolizes a galloping horse against a background of three stripes (red, white and blue), symbolizing the United States.

The Legends

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

This is the first special series model developed by Shelby for Ford.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

This is another product of the brand created by Carroll Shelby. It differed from the previous version in the engine, interior, side air intakes and taillights.

Ford Mustang VI

Its production started in 2014 and has been continued until today. This is the first model that hit the showrooms of the American concern in Europe.

Ford Mustang GT Convertible

The latest model Ford Mustang GT Convertible is the most technologically advanced model.