The Japanese company Mitsuoka Motors was founded in 1968, and in 1987 began the production of retro cars based on conventional cars. In 1996, the Japanese government granted the company the official status of an automaker. The company’s products are sold mainly in Japan, but in 2015 the company made its debut in the UK market.

Meaning and History

Mitsuoka Motors Logo

The company’s logo is based on the original Chinese character for cars “車”. At first glance, it’s hard to say that the logo belongs to a company that manufactures cars. The logo consists of the intersection of two lines (horizontal intersects the vertical at the bottom). The horizontal line has three circles that resemble the base of a car. The vertical line looks like a trident in its shape. Below the logo (sometimes on side of it), the company name is written in bold and capital letters.

What is Mitsuoka Motors?
Mitsuoka Motors is a Japanese automobile company known for producing unique and retro-styled vehicles. They blend classic designs with modern engineering, creating cars with distinct aesthetics that cater to niche markets.

Emblem and symbol

Mitsuoka Motors Emblem

The company emblem on cars is usually depicted on a round badge, inside which is a white or silver company symbol. The emblem is located mostly on the hood of cars.

Font and color

The primary version of the Mitsuoka Motors logo features just one wordmark — an uppercase “Mitsuoka” in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such famous fonts as Sequel 100 Wide 95, and Neue Helvetica Std 93 Extended Black. However, the extended version of the logo has an uppercase “Mitsuoka Motor” tagline, set in a classy serif, similar to Nassim Latin SemiBold.

In terms of colors, Mitsuoka is quite a laconic brand. The primary version of the logo uses a medium shade of blue, which is usually associated with stability, trustworthiness, and quality. As for the secondary version of the badge, it’s drawn in a light silverfish shade of gray, looking elegant and fresh, and evoking a sense of excellence.