Melkus Logo

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The Melkus car company was founded in 1959 and named after its founder, Heinz Melkus. The company specialized in the production of formula cars on the units of Wartburg cars. Melkus’s formulas were known far beyond the GDR. Melkus himself won the GDR championship three times.

Meaning and History

Melkus Logo

The company logo consists of a blue circle with a white rounded triangle inside. Inside it is a black sports car with a stylized company name above it.

Emblem and symbol

Melkus Emblem

The racing car manufacturer’s emblem is based on a shield-like shape in a circle, symbolizing the desire to overcome opponents and to be the leader. The colors of the emblem also have their own interpretation. The silver color of the shield is the desire to develop technologically, and the blue color stands for the desire to be a leader in its field of activity.