In 1920, Zujiro Matsuda created a company called Toyo Cork Kogyo, which was engaged in the production of cork products. But soon Matsuda started production of cars, and in 1931 the name Mazda appeared. It was consonant with Matsuda’s name and came from the name of the god Ahura Mazda who represented wisdom, intelligence, and harmony.

Meaning and History

Mazda Logo history

The first logo appeared in 1934 on MazdaGo three-wheeled trucks. The name Mazda was chosen after the name of the deity of the ancient Iranians. Ahura Mazda is a deity, creator of the sun, moon, stars, sky, earth, water, trees, and people. This name was consonant with the name of the founder of the company — Jujiro Matsuda.

1920 – 1928

Mazda Logo 1920

The logo of that time was a dark blue circle with notches. There were 2 letters that stood out against the white background of the internal space of the logo inside the circle, as in a frame.

1928 – 1931

Mazda Logo 1928

The logo was a smooth red circle. The circle was a white figure resembling a coil inside.

1931 – 1934

Mazda Logo 1931

The logo consisted of 3 rhombuses symbolizing 3 diamonds. The name of the Mazda logo was on top of the diamonds.  The logo was executed in blue.


Mazda Logo 1934

The first logo appeared only in 1934 on MazdaGo three-wheeled trucks, which were produced by the company. There were no special features on it. It was a company name written in simple black italic type.

1934 – 1936

Mazda Logo 1934-1936

At that time, the logo was only the name of the brand, written in a designer font. The font was elegant and looked like rounded letters written by hand. The color of the logo was blue.

1936 – 1959

Mazda Logo 1936

The logo was changed in 1936. It consisted of three letters M, stacked on top of each other, representing Mazda Motor Manufacturer and symbolizing the three mountains of Hiroshima.

1951 – 1972

Mazda Logo 1951

The next logo was chosen in 1962 and was used on cars until 1975. The change in the logo was due to the start of the production of passenger cars. It was the letter “m” enclosed in a circle, from which two lines diverged in different directions, resembling a two-lane highway.

1954 – 1974

Mazda Logo 1954

The logo was simple and concise during those years. It was the name of the brand, written in large elongated letters of blue color. All the letters in the logo were uppercase.

1959 – 1974

Mazda Logo 1959

In parallel with the 1954-1974 logo, there was a logo that also consisted of the brand name written in the same blue letters, only a red circle was depicted above the name, inside of which the letter “m” was written, which seemed to cling to the edges of the circle from the inside above and below.

1975 – 1991

Mazda Logo 1975

Due to the trends of the time, in 1975 the company changed its logo again. We can say that the company has returned to its original idea by placing the word “Mazda” on the radiator grilles.

1991 – 1992

Mazda Logo 1991

In 1991, the emblem appeared, which was considered the basis of the modern logo. The circle and the rhombus inscribed in it symbolized “the sun and the flame of sincere passion”. But that emblem did not last long — only two years. A lot of people began to compare it with the logo of the French brand Renault, so it was decided to make some changes to the details. The central rhombus — “diamond” was rounded. The Japanese themselves called this logo “circle of light”, it also symbolized wings and the sun.

1992 – 1997

Mazda Logo 1992

In 1991, a new Mazda sign appeared. Ita circle was with a diamond enclosed in it. It was supposed to mean the sun and the flame of passion. Still, the rhombus, as a car logo, was already associated with the French brand of Renault cars, so the following year the sharp corners of the rhombus were rounded so that it really began to resemble a tongue of flame.

1997 – 2015

Mazda Logo 1997

The Mazda logo was designed by corporate image maker Rei Yoshimara. The traditional circle and outstretched “wings” form a stylized “M”, embodied the values of the company – constant dedication to the mission, creativity, flexibility, tenderness, everything that includes the brand. Some people saw the silhouette of a seagull in the outline of the “wings”, but many people think that the emblem looked like the head of an owl.

2015 – 2018

Mazda Logo 2015

The last logo change was the placement of wings within the circle. The new design was so pleased with the management that it flaunts on cars to this day. This logo symbolizes both the letter “M” and the wings that designers have always tried to place in previous logos. The new Mazda logo represents freedom, flight, and flexibility.

2018 – now

Mazda Logo

The logo did not change much. Its entire design concept remained the same. The word “MAZDA” written in a designer font was added.

Emblem and Symbol

Mazda Emblem

Throughout its history, Mazda has made several major logo changes in search of one that best reflects the brand’s identity in the global marketplace. The current Mazda emblem is finished in silver and features a bold, stylized “M” that looks like a pair of outstretched wings.

This image is embedded within an oval shape and is complemented by the company name below, printed in a custom font in blue.

The Legends

Savanna RX-7

The production of the Mazda RX-7 coupe began at the Hiroshima plant in 1978, in the Japanese market this model was called the Mazda Savanna. In total, until 1985, more than 474 thousand cars of the first generation were produced, most of which (377 thousand) were sold in the United States. As far as the exterior of the Savanna RX-7 is concerned, it is a coupe with “inflated” wings. Such design of the exterior has not become outdated so far, even now it looks fresh and new.

Cosmo Sport

The Mazda Cosmo Sports is the first model of the Japanese automaker’s which was equipped with a rotary engine. Serial production of the two-seater sports coupe, modified under the license of the German company NSU, began in 1967. Since then, rotary engines have played a vital role in Mazda’s history.