Mahindra is India’s oldest engineering concern specializing in the production of all-terrain vehicles, military and agricultural equipment. The company was founded in 1945. Currently, it is one of the largest automakers in India, the company specializes in the production of SUVs, pickups, crossovers, and commercial vehicles. Since 2011, he has been the owner of the Korean company SsangYong.

Meaning and history

Mahindra Logo history

The Mahindra logo is an ‘M’ that looks like a road leading into the distance. It signals a bright future ahead, technological innovation and customer ambition supported by the company.

1948 – 1966

Mahindra Logo 1948

This logo features a stylized depiction of a hand gripping a tool, where the fingers are cleverly represented by two vertical “M” letters. These “M”s resemble fingers tightly holding the tool, which symbolizes themes of mastery and active involvement in technical endeavors. The design of this logo strongly suggests a mechanical or industrial essence, apt for a company engaged in manufacturing and engineering. The innovative use of letters to form the hand not only reinforces the company’s identity but also makes it memorable and distinctive.

1966 – 2000

Mahindra Logo 1966

The logo of that time was a metal circle, inside which the sun was depicted with rays diverging to the sides. The name of the logo divided the circle into two parts, as it was written on a thin die in the very center of the circle horizontally.

2000 – 2012

Mahindra Logo 2000

Since 1948, the company has used a logo with a road-styled red letter M, and below it is a gray company name.

2012 – 2023

Mahindra Logo 2012

In 2012, Mahindra introduced a new logo that is both modern and simplistic, consisting of a single wordmark alongside an emblem. The typeface is futuristic, characterized by sharp descender lines and diagonally cut lines in the “I” and “A”. The nameplate’s vibrant red color signifies the brand’s passion, energy, and robust confidence in its endeavors. This logo design is minimalist yet powerful, with a striking use of bright color that makes it look robust and eye-catching. The distinctive typeface, with its open “A”s and the interesting linkage between the “D” and “H”, enhances the logo’s modern and stylish appearance. It establishes a strong visual identity in the utility-vehicles market, reflecting the brand’s expertise and reliability.

2021 – now

Mahindra Logo 2021

The new visual identity is a manifestation of the fact that the manufacturer stands for the creation of an exclusive brand of spectacular models for their own research. The style of the company is obliged to evoke real emotions of freedom in people, because visually the shapes depicted on the logo resemble two wings pointing upwards. The logo color is metallic gray.

2023 – Today

Mahindra Logo

The most recent logo adopts a minimalistic and contemporary style, characterized by two symmetrical arcs that meet in the middle to create an abstract ‘M.’ The lines are bold and clear, lending the logo a sleek and modern aesthetic. This design is simple yet effective, with the use of black to amplify its boldness and visibility. Representing a modern, forward-thinking company, the logo values simplicity and clarity. The emblem symbolizes balance and precision, highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in its industry.

Emblem and symbol

Mahindra Emblem

The appearance of the emblem in the 2000s was associated with the successful market entry of Mahindra Scorpio, which led to an urgent need for a memorable visual logo.

The Legends

Mahindra Bolero

It is an Indian utility SUV and pickup truck. Under the hood of the car is a 2.5-liter turbodiesel, the drive can be rear or full.

The Mahindra Alturas G4 SUV

It is a new generation SsangYong Rexton model, debuted in 2018. Unlike the original, which has an independent rear suspension, the Indian version has a continuous axle from the Rexton Sports pickup truck.