Iveco is one of the smaller Italian car brands, and also amongst the lesser known. It’s mostly because they don’t create sports cars or other iconic Italian automobiles. They are a truck and van producers. Still, they are not really a small shabby brand – a lot of countries all over the world use their products en masse.

Meaning and History

Iveco Logo history

Iveco (officially – IVECO) is an acronym which means Industrial Vehicles Corporation. Unlike many other Italian brands (which use the family name of the founders), Iveco is a highly artificial name created for the company when it appeared in 1975 following a grand merger of many smaller European truck manufacturers.

What is Iveco?
Iveco is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, specializing in the production of trucks, vans, buses, and industrial vehicles. It is a global company with a strong presence in Europe and other markets, offering a wide range of reliable and sustainable transportation solutions.

1975 – 1977

Iveco Logo 1975

1977 – 1979

Iveco Logo 1977

1979 – 1980

Iveco Logo 1979

1980 – 2023

Iveco Logo 1980

Iveco logo is a bit boring – it’s simple a big blue writing that says the company name in capital letters. The type, however, isn’t so trivial. The name is written in a set of very smooth and round letters. For instance, the ‘I’ letter is basically just a vertical triangle with rounded angles.

2023 – Today

Iveco Logo

Emblem and Symbol

Iveco Emblem

They don’t really have any other emblem apart from the acronym. Given that they mostly create cars of a very large size, they’re able to put they actual logo the front without sacrificing the readability too badly. This version of their emblem, however, always has a metallic texture and is heavily polished.