Hummer is an American manufacturer of off-road vehicles manufactured by AM General. The history of the brand dates back to 1979, when the American government announced a competition to design and supply the army with new M998 Series HMMWV vehicles (Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles).

Meaning and History

Hummer Logo history

The Hummer is an iconic American automotive brand known for its rugged and powerful vehicles. The company was founded by AM General, an Indiana-based manufacturer, in 1992. Hummer gained popularity for producing military-inspired SUVs that appealed to both civilian and military customers. Its notable achievements include the introduction of the Hummer H1, originally designed for military use, and later releasing the more consumer-friendly Hummer H2 and H3 models. The brand’s vehicles became synonymous with off-road capabilities and commanding presence on the road. However, due to changing market demands and environmental concerns, production of Hummer vehicles ceased in 2010. In recent years, there has been a revival of the Hummer brand under General Motors. The company introduced the all-electric GMC Hummer EV in 2022, signaling its shift towards sustainable and cutting-edge technology in the automotive industry.

What is Hummer?
Hummer is an American automotive company that specializes in manufacturing powerful and rugged off-road vehicles. They are known for their distinctive design and impressive performance capabilities.

1992 – 2010

Hummer Logo 1992

The logo consisted of the company name in black bold capital letters on a white background, or vice versa. White and black are ideal for reflecting perfection and completeness. White symbolizes equality, and black is a symbol of luxury and authority.

2021 – Today

Hummer Logo

In general, the essence of the logo has not changed. The brand name remains, written in black letters on a white background. The font has changed in the logo. The letters have become thinner and at the same time more angular.

Emblem and Symbol

Hummer Emblem

The company’s emblem can be seen not only on cars, but also on bicycles, clothing, jewelry, etc., all thanks to Hummer’s licensing agreements with many other brands.