Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) is an Australian company founded in 1987 and located in the suburbs of Melbourne. It specializes in the modernization of Holden vehicles. It also modified several General Motors models.

Meaning and history

HSV Logo

The company logo consists of two parts: the emblem and the text part, which complement each other. The text part contains the company name in silver color with white reflections. All three letters of the abbreviation are interconnected to form a solid element. The company emblem is round in black color with two red rims around it. The emblem has a lot in common with the Holden logo. Inside the circle is a white image of a lion and a man in a helmet. This symbol is located in a row with the name of the company and appears after the letter ‘H’.

What is HSV?
HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) is an Australian company specializing in the production and modification of high-performance vehicles. They are known for creating powerful and exclusive versions of Holden cars, catering to enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance and luxury.

Emblem and symbol

HSV Emblem

It is not by chance that the emblem of the company is similar to the logo of the Holden Company. In the early years, most of the cars produced by the company were sold under the Holden brand.

Font and color

The massive capital lettering from the primary logo of the HSV auto marque was set in a custom sans-serif typeface, with the italicized characters connected to each other at the bottom with thick horizontal lines. The corners of the connection lines were softened, which added some delicacy to the heavy characters. The closest typeface, to the one, used in this insignia, is, probably, Strenuous Black Italic, but, with significant modifications.

In terms of colors, the HSV visual identity was pretty standard. The company used a combination of white, black, and red for its primary logo, and silver and black for the emblem, placed on the cars. The first option was all about strength, confidence, and professionalism, while the glossy silver looked more airy and modern.