Hino Motors Logo

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HINO Motors is a world-known manufacturer of trucks and buses for various purposes. All products are very popular due to their high quality, stylish design, and affordable prices. Since 1960, HINO has been part of the world-famous Toyota concern. HINO Motors assembly shops and shopping centers are located all around the world. The annual sales of HINO cars in the world are over 100 thousand.

Meaning and history

Hino Motors Logo history

Over its more than a century history, the company logo has changed only once, but the changes were serious and now the logo is multivariate.

1917 – 1994

Hino Motors Logo 1917

The first company logo consisted entirely of black text with the company name. The first letter of the name was capitalized and the rest were lowercase. The typeface was slightly slanted, had roundings, and under the entire company name, there was an underline connecting to the last letter of the name.

1994 – present

Hino Motors Logo

In 1994, major changes took place. The company now has 4 logo options, each of which has common features with the previous one. The first two logos are very similar to each other and consist of a stylized letter ‘H’, the upper and lower edges of which are curved inward, almost forming a circle. In the first logo, this letter is silver, and in the second it is red. The name of the company is written under this symbol in capital letters. In the first logo, it is also silver, in the second it is black. The third logo consists of three elements: a white company name on a red rectangle, a black square with a stylized silver letter ‘H’, and a white rectangle below them with the silver text ‘Trucks’. All these elements are closely located next to each other, and under them is the inscription ‘A Toyota Group Company’. The fourth logo consists of all the same elements, only they are all arranged in one row.

Emblem and symbol

Hino Motors Emblem

The company has distinctive and original emblems, the main colors of which are silver, red, white, and black. From a design point of view, these colors complement and set off each other perfectly. These are the strongest color combinations.