Hero is an Indian company specializing in the production of motorcycles and scooters. The production is based in New Delhi. Hero is the largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles both in India (market share — 46%!) and worldwide.

What is a curious fact about hero?
At the moment, the Hero product line includes 21 motorcycle models and 4 scooter models. All equipment – with motors no more than 225HP.The company Hero is considered one of the greatest global manufactures of motorcycles.

Meaning and history

Hero logo History

The first Hero logo appeared in 1984. At that time, the company had the name Hero Honda. The logo was then a brand name written on two lines and a small sign to the left of the name. The name was written in the classic Serif font. Then the Hero Honda logo consisted of a stylized letter “H” on the background of a red image of the sun and three horizontal parallel lines below the image.

In 2011, it became necessary to create a new logo, because the Honda Company left. A team of designers led by Wolff Olins took up the development of a new logo. The logo became stronger and more modern. It got a font similar to Harabara font.

The new Hero logo has become a combination of simple geometric shapes. It consists of the letter “H” rotated by 1/3 and seems to be voluminous due to the use of different colors: red, white and black. This logo has a dynamic and energetic look.

Font and Color

Hero logo

The classic color combination was taken by the brand from its original visual identity design. The red-black-and-white color palette is the strongest possible three-color combination that shows confidence, progress and strength.

The main color of the logo is red.  This is one of the most intense colors. Its powerful energy has a very strong influence on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

The love of red is no exception among the world’s automakers, including Hero. The red color of the logo allows you to convey the feeling of the power of the motorcycles and scooters and the coolness of its owner. Such logos attract attention, stimulate buying, arouse the desire to own a car, show passion and strength.