Great Wall Motors Company Limited is a Chinese car manufacturer named after the Great Wall of China. It is the manufacturer of cars, SUVs, pickups, engines and automotive components. It is the largest SUV manufacturer in China.

Meaning and History

Great Wall Logo history

Great Wall Motors Company Limited was founded by Wei Jianjun in 1984. As one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, it has achieved significant milestones over the years. The company is renowned for its production of SUVs and pickup trucks, gaining prominence in both domestic and international markets. Great Wall Motors has made notable advancements in electric vehicle technology and has expanded its global footprint through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Currently, the company is recognized as a key player in the automotive industry, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainable mobility solutions.

What is Great Wall?
Great Wall is a Chinese automotive company specializing in the manufacturing of automobiles and automotive parts. It is known for producing a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, and pickup trucks, and is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China.

1984 – 1990

Great Wall Logo 1984

The company’s first logo was in the shape of a black ellipse, inside of which were two curved lines that formed a section of the Great Wall of China.

1990 – Present

Great Wall Logo

In 1990, the logo became more circular and is now depicted in three-dimensional form. The wall section is still present in the logo, but has now been slightly modernized. Under the symbol is the name of the company in red, and the badge itself is made in silver color.

Emblem and Symbol

Great Wall Emblem

The successful transition from a monochrome symbol to a modern three-dimensional emblem in gray and red symbolizes the company’s growth and power, while the slightly rounded red font gives the perfect finish to the logo.