Gillet is a Belgian company founded in 1968 by athlete-racer Tony Gillet. His first works were the modernization of factory cars and the creation of unique racing upgrades for participation in various competitions. At the same time, he participated in races on cars assembled by himself.

Meaning and History

Gillet is a Belgian automaking brand, that produced the first mass-produced carbon fiber monocoque car, the Gillet Vertigo, in 1992. It was founded by Tony Gillet, the Belgian Hillclimb champion from 1979-1980.

Gille began his automotive career with the fact that in 1968 he began refining the small hatchback Renault 4 for participation in the Belgian rally championship.

In 1991, Gillet decided to create an ultra-light and ultra-strong sports car suitable for both racing and everyday driving. The prototypes were similar to the Lotus Seven, but gradually Gillet Vertigo evolved. Since 1997, the model has been mass-produced under the slogan: “A supercar and a work of art – pure pleasure!”.

Initially, Tony Gillet planned to produce only 60 copies of Gillet Vertigo, but the actual demand was even less: from 1991 to 2016, the company sold no more than 30 cars. Since 2008, there have been no new models under the Gillet brand, but there have been derivatives.

What is Gillet?
Gillet is an automotive company specializing in the production of high-performance sports cars. They are known for their precision engineering and innovative designs, catering to enthusiasts seeking exhilarating driving experiences.

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Gillet Logo

A company logo consists of two elements: an emblem and a text. The emblem has a round shape, and a pattern of yellow and black triangles is located in diameter. The inside of the emblem has a gradient of red, yellow, and black colors, on which is a large white letter “G”. On the right side of the emblem is the text with the name of the company – “Automobiles Gillet”. The “Gillet” lettering is much larger than the “Automobiles” and both are gray.

Emblem and Symbol

Gillet Emblem

The company logo is mediocre and has a lot in common with the logos of other companies, and one of the things that catch your eye is the color scheme. The color palette of the emblem (a combination of red, yellow, white, and black colors) evokes associations with strength, struggle, and desire for development.

Font and color

The uppercase lettering from the primary Gillet logo is set in a narrowed geometric sans-serif typeface with a customized letter “G”. All other characters are written in a font, which is pretty close to Silver Streak Compressed Extra Bold, or Funny Papers JNL.

The colors, used in the Gillet logo, are all about chic and luxury — gold, red, white, and black. This combination stands for excellence, reputation, and quality.