Genesis is a premium branch of the Hyundai car production. Genesis cars have been known for about 20 years now, but recently they’ve been granted the autonomy to create what they wish under their own brand. As such, they’ve already created five models which include luxury and executive cars (for high officials).

Meaning and History

Genesis Logo history

‘Genesis’ means ‘beginning’ in a simple sense. There are several reasons why Hyundai might choose this name for their new range of cars. Firstly, it’s a fitting name to signify the beginning of the new range of cars. Secondly, it’s a pretty pleasant word that sounds neat. Perhaps, it’s a combination of two.

2008 – 2015

Genesis Logo 2008

Although the brand started in 2015, Hyundai used to give the Genesis cars exclusive badges that looked like a small black shield with the word ‘GENESIS’ on it in white capital letters. The shield was winged with disproportionately sizeable metal wings on each side.

On official commercials and other occasions, there was a name beneath it all. The word was written in black, but in the same curly type with a lot of strokes.

2015 – 2020

Genesis Logo 2015

Not much changed in this variation, although the logo was generally thinned out vertically and stretched horizontally, which meant the wings became rather longer now and the shield had to decrease even further.

The name below vanished, but the one inside the little shield remained.

2020 – now

Genesis Logo

The most recent logo update had the image simplified and painted black. A little speck of white remains inside the shield to serve as a background for the text, but everything else largely remains the same.

The text came back to rest beneath the shield and the wings, but its type changed dramatically. The lettering was not very thin and strict, unlike the artistic wavy manner in which the first variant was written.

Emblem and Symbol

Genesis Emblem

The cars of this company mostly use the flowery emblem for a badge, although the older models (created before the brand was fully organized) didn’t wear them. Instead, they either chose not to wear anything or were given small Hyundai emblems – the cars themselves were called Hyundai Genesis before.