The company was founded in 2005 by the talented designer and engineer Henrik Fisker, whose career began in the design bureaus of renowned automotive companies. His first project was the BMW Z07.

Meaning and history

Fisker is a car brand, founded by Henrick Fisker, a legendary name in the automotive world. He was born in Denmark, studied at a design college in California, worked for 12 years at BMW in Germany, created the true British look for Aston Martin sports cars, and headed Ford’s U.S. Global Design Studio.

In 2004, Fisker left his highest position at Ford, determined to follow his dream. Fisker wanted to revive the pre-war tradition of luxury car ateliers, in which customized bodies and interiors were mounted on identical chassis.

The new company took on a wide range of commissions, including the design of watches. But its main products were two cars, the Tramonto and the Latigo CS. The interior of the cars was handmade with a quality worthy of the best world brands such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Maybach.

In 2011, the company introduced its first luxury electric car, the Fisker Karma. Top Gear named Fisker Karma the car of 2012. Design, technology, and a high level of comfort were at the center of the concept.

What is Fisker?
Fisker is an American electric vehicle (EV) automaker that specializes in producing sustainable and luxurious electric cars. The company focuses on creating stylish and environmentally friendly vehicles, aiming to revolutionize the automotive industry with innovative EV technology.

2007 – Today

Fisker Logo

During its existence (2007-2014), the company used only one logo. It was a round shape of silver color, inside of which there was another circle, divided horizontally into two parts: orange and blue. On the silver part of the logo was the company name in black color.

Emblem and symbol

Fisker Emblem

The company emblem is placed on the front of the car bonnet, and thanks to the bright colors, it is expressive and matches well with the main colors of the cars.