Faraday Future is a fresh Californian electric car brand that was created in 2014. The decision to start such a company belongs to the founder, a Chinese entrepreneur by the name YT Jia. The company has already created several complete models and prototypes, including a couple of high-performance supercars.

Meaning and History

The company is certainly named after a renowned British physicist Michael Faraday, who furthered our understanding of electricity back in the day. The ‘Future’ part obviously signifies the brand’s care about the future of our planet as well as their innovativeness in the matter of developing and building cars.

What is Faraday Future?
Faraday Future is an American automotive company specializing in electric vehicles (EVs) and advanced mobility solutions. They focus on developing sustainable transportation technologies and innovative designs to revolutionize the EV industry.

2014 – now

Faraday Future Logo

FF’s logo is pretty bizarre, as it doesn’t feature their name or other coherent symbols. Instead, their logo depicts a cryptic combination of eight short and thick lines organized in a pretty disorderly fashion.

The image could be hinting at the Faraday’s cage – one of the most famous inventions of the physicist, designed to block the unwanted electromagnetic fields.

Emblem and Symbol

Faraday Future Emblem

You would think that Faraday Future would create some other form of symbolic to identify their cars, but they use the same (presumed) cage depiction as a badge for their cars. Of course, the lines are chromed and made into metal for this purpose. Additionally, the parts where they are put are always painted black.