Eterniti Logo

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Eterniti – this name was chosen by a new British company that dealt with the small-series production of unique and luxurious cars. The company was established in 2010 and existed for only 4 years. The first vehicle to bear the Eterniti logo, an unconventional luxury SUV named Hemera, debuted in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Meaning and History

Eterniti Logo

The company logo is presented in the form of a shield, inside of which there is a stylized letter “E” with many curves and curls. Above this letter is the name of the company. The font used is not too thick, with sharp corners and serifs. Sometimes only the letter “E” is used as a logo. There are also variants of the logo in which the full name of the company, Eterniti Motors, was located under the shield with the company name and the letter “E”.

Emblem and Symbol

Eterniti Emblem

White, gray, and black are the main colors used in the company’s logo. These are classic colors, the combination of which symbolizes purity, solidity, and prestige. These colors do not evoke any unpleasant associations or feelings; they reflect the modesty and intelligence of the company.