Datsun is a daughter company of DAT Motorcar Co., which manufactured mainly light trucks. The brand appeared in 1931 as Datson (the son of DAT). But 3 years later, DAT was bought by Nissan and the idea of the rebranding appeared.

Meaning and history

Datsun Logo history

The logo of the company conveys the main principle of the brand: “Sincerity leads to success.” The inner part with a blue stripe reflects the rising sun, symbolizing integrity and harmony, transmitting energy and a bright gaze directed to the future. The outer part represents the modernity and reliability of the brand.

1931 – 1935

Datsun Logo 1931

The first company logo was in the form of a red circle that crossed out the blue rectangle with the white company name.

1935 – 1976

Datsun Logo 1935

The logo used by the company for a little over forty years was based on the original design. It featured darker red and blue, which created an image of a well-standing company. The font has also been changed to a simpler, sans-serif option. This made the name more readable and also supported the impression of a responsible company.

1951 – 1963

Datsun Logo 1951

In 1951, the logo was introduced with a white company name with an underscore on a red rectangle.

1963 – 1964

Datsun Logo 1963

In 1963, the name of the company was written in blue cursive. Each letter of the name was at a great distance and connected with the subsequent with thin line.

1964 – 1965

Datsun Logo 1964-1965

In 1964, the brand’s logo was presented in the form of a name written in bold white letters in a black outline. The letters would be located on a blue background, partially overlapping it.

1965 – 1986

Datsun Logo 1965

In 1965, the company name was yellow and all letters were in capital letters.


Datsun Logo 1970

There were two versions of the Dutsun logo in 1970. They both were the brand name. It was written in bold white letters with a blue outline. The second version was in black outline. There was no background.

1970 – 1972

Datsun Logo 1970-1972

In 1970, the white company name was depicted on an ellipse consisting of black, gray and red colors.


Datsun Logo 1972

This version was found in 1972. And it was a black plate. It depicted bold white letters in a gray outline.

1972 – 1976

Datsun Logo 1972-1976

In 1972, the logo again consisted entirely of black typeface with sharp corners.

1976 – 1986

Datsun Logo 1976

In 1976, the logo was an improved version of the very first logo with a red circle and a blue rectangle.

2012 – 2022

Datsun Logo


In 2013, changes were made. The logo became three-dimensional and now consisted of a blue circle with a thick silver rim. In the middle was a blue rectangle with a white company name.

Emblem and symbol

Datsun Emblem

The idea for the emblem of the company was the flag of Japan and the expression and famous expression “Land of the Rising Sun”.

The Legends

Datsun 240Z

It’s the real success of Datsun company (still Fairlady in Japan): an inexpensive sports coupe with a metal body, which appeared in 1969.

The Datsun 280Z

The sports coupe debuted on the American market in 1975, and was produced in Japan. In its home market, the car was known as the Nissan Fairlady Z, it was not offered in Europe.