DAF is a Dutch manufacturer of trucks and buses. The history of the brand’s creation is quite unusual, because in Eindhoven, Hub van Doorne had his workshop, which was used by his investor – A.H. Huenges. He was so pleased with the service that in 1928 he offered him to set up a factory producing trailers.

Meaning and history

DAF Logo history

DAF is a renowned Dutch truck manufacturing company that was founded by Hub van Doorne in 1928. With a rich history spanning over nine decades, DAF has established itself as a leading player in the global commercial vehicle industry. Throughout its journey, the company has achieved numerous milestones, including pioneering advancements in engine technology, aerodynamics, and fuel efficiency. DAF trucks are known for their reliability, durability, and excellent performance, making them a preferred choice for businesses across various sectors. Today, DAF continues to flourish as a subsidiary of PACCAR Inc., maintaining its position as a prominent manufacturer of high-quality trucks, and contributing significantly to the transportation sector worldwide.

What is Daf?
Daf is a company that specializes in the production of commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. They are known for their high-quality vehicles, innovative technology, and strong presence in the transportation industry.

1928 – 1989

Daf Logo 1928

In 1928, the first brand logo was created and existed for almost sixty years. The logo consisted of an image of a steering wheel that had three-layer “wings” on both sides. The name of the company was placed above the steering wheel. The entire logo was done in black.

1989 – present

DAF Logo

In 1989, the logo consisted of the company name in bold sans serif and was accompanied by a red underline.

Emblem and symbol

DAF Emblem

The color combination of the logo and the font used symbolize conciseness, strength and brilliance, which perfectly describes the company’s goals.

The Legends


It is a medium-sized truck. The vehicle entered production in 2001 and replaced the 45/55 model. It was very popular right from the start and brought big profits for the DAF brand.