Chrysler Group LLC is an American automobile company that was founded in 1924 by engineer and businessman Walter Percy Chrysler as a result of the merger of two companies Maxwell Motor and Willis Overland. In the same year, their first Chrysler car was released. Currently, since 2014, the company is part of the car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, headquartered in the Netherlands. The company has a quite long history and its logotype has also been repeatedly changed.

Meaning and History

Chrysle Logo history

The original logo was designed by Oliver Clark, who was one of eighteen men comprising Walter P. Chrysler’s original team. He was keen on Roman mythology and decided to use two wings in a new logo.  Sandals with such wings were worn by Mercury – the god of trade in ancient Roman mythology. They helped him develop great speed in flight, therefore Oliver Clark used them to symbolize the speed of produced vehicles.

1924 – 1928

Chrysler Logo 1924

A golden wax seal with “Chrysler” printed on a stripe going diagonally across created an impressive logo. The seal had two blue ribbons in the lower right corner, which added a mark of an exceptional brand. The seal itself had a very intricate design and had a red patterned center with zigzag lines going above and below the name.

1928 – 1930

Chrysler Logo 1928

The first logo of the company was composed of a wax seal image with a state-fair-like ribbon and two wings. In the middle of the seal could be seen large letters CHRYSLER. The emblem has a silver color.

1930 – 1936

Chrysler Logo 1930

However, the original logo did not last for long. In 1930 the wings were deleted and the seal became golden with a dark-red heart. The colors were chosen specially to highlight the luxury and the quality of the car brand.

1936 – 1950

Chrysler Logo 1936

The emblem created a little over 10 years ago got wings. Unlike the 1928 logo, this version featured a wing on each side of the emblem widely spread. Actually, some might find that these chrome logo elements looked more like a car part (bumper, radiator cover) than wings. However, this does not take away the grand look the logo acquired.

1950 – 1951

Chrysler Logo 1950

For a short period of time, the company tested a completely different brand image that looked similar to the logos of other car makers. It was a golden shield with a lion standing upright and facing left. It was taking most of the space with the remaining space being taken up by a crest, flag, or another similar object in the hands of the animal. There were no inscriptions. Considering that this brand image was never seen since the 1950s, it was not a very successful attempt and the company stuck to its unique brand personality.

1951 – 1955

Chrysler Logo 1951

This version brought back the wings. It was not just the wings but a whole bird. The bird looked three-dimensional and flying determinedly to its destination point. The logo is meant to represent the fact that the brand never stood still and has always developed. The metallic silver color gave it an elegant, sophisticated touch.

1955 – 1962

Chrysler Logo 1955

The new logo appeared in the 1950s. It resembled two boomerangs rushing to the right. They meant the movement of the rocket.

1962 – 1980

Chrysler Logo 1962

In 1962, the symbol became a five-pointed star, and since the 1980s it was just the inscription Chrysler, written in different fonts.

1980 – 1990

Chrysler Logo 1980
A futuristic and very unexpected logo was presented in 1980. It was just the name of the brand but the font choice gave it a lot of character. The strokes were smooth and created wide letters which had plenty of space in between. This gave the inscription a very strong and confident feel. It looks like the custom font was based on Controller Four by Dharma Type or similar font. The designers added slits in some letters, which added personality and uniqueness.

1990 – 1993

Chrysler Logo 1990
The company combined the name with the winged seal of 1936. Of course, both elements were modified. Although the font looked very similar to the previous logo, the letters looked significantly bolder and there were no slits. As for the winged seal, the circle was replaced by an oval shape and the wings got sharper on the end with each feather being more defined. The logo turned out very stylish and sleek.

1993 – 1995

Chrysler Logo 1993

In the logo of 1993, the company decided to pay a tribute to its founders. That is why the original logo with a wax seal image with a state-fair-like ribbon was returned. The colors of the logo remained mostly the same: gold and red, with a small exception. Now the ribbon with inscription CHRYSLER got a blue tone.

1995 – 1998

Chrysler Logo 1995
The golden seal seen in the previous logo along with the black background and golden round frame were taken as the base of the new logo. The golden color was more pronounced in this emblem, which was mainly achieved by making the border significantly wider. This version looked more like a medal than a seal.

1998 – 2000

Chrysler Logo 1998

After 5 years, Chrysler decided to combine the previous emblem with the emblem of the year 1936. In 1997 appeared a new logo. Unlike the emblems of previous years, the seal of this emblem became more oval and the wrongs were refined and elongated.

2000 – 2008

Chrysler Logo 2000
The designers used the existing logo to create a new one once again. They took the font from the 1990 logo, which was also seen in the previous version, and only adjusted the spacing between the letters. To the left of the inscription, the logo had the five-pointed star from the 1962 logo. To add a modern touch to the emblem, the star was done in metallic silver and appeared three-dimensional. The sharp, cuts of the font looked great with the pointed ends of the star.

2008 – 2009

Chrysler Logo 2008
The star emblem was placed above the name and became the true star of the logo. Its design looked more refined. The star appeared to be cut out in the base rather than standing out against the background. The inscription was preserved the same.

2009 – 2023

Chrysler Logo 2009

The last logo, which exists today, represents an improved emblem of 1990 which is more is chic and elegant. The seal was replaced with a blue line with a brand’s name on it. Improved, three-dimensional wings have smoother and fuller lines, which look more balanced and sophisticated.

2023 – Today

Chrysler Logo
The designer completely transformed the previous logo and made it more minimalistic and modern. The font was kept the same but the inscription looked different as the strokes here are ultra-thin. The same goes for the winged element underneath. It was only a mere resemblance of it with just two lines making the shape. They were sleek and sharp and supported the font style.

Emblem and Symbol

Chrysler Emblem

It goes without saying that each brand tries to choose an emblem that is able to show all its potential and Chrysler successfully coped with this task by 100%.  The logo, which exists today successfully combines all the qualities and features that the creators put into it, particularly Oliver Clark. He wanted their cars to be appreciated for their high speed, luxury, and the best quality, and the emblem has successfully coped with this task.

The Legends

Among the legends of Chrysler could be named the Chrysler 300. Its first generation was produced from 2005 till 2010 and the second generation is successfully produced from 2011 till now. Chrysler’s roomy and luxurious 300 is one of the best large sedans on the market. Inside, buyers will find plenty of space for five adults, along with comfortable seats and attractive trim. Chrysler 300 has even won the North American Car of the Year award and in 2005 was the Motor Trend Car of the Year.