Brabus isn’t a car manufacturer. They are a German tuner – a company that specializes in modifying the existing cars in a highly professional way. Brabus only ever tune the Mercedes cars, however, including many of their subsidiaries. The goal is usually to improve speed, power and output.

Meaning and History

The name has a very simple origin. The brand was founded in 1977 by two Germans called Brackmann and Buschmann. Take the 3 first letters from each of them and you get Brabus. Given the abundance of the letter B, they decided to use it as their secondary emblem.

What is Brabus?
Brabus is a renowned German automotive company specializing in high-performance tuning, customization, and production of luxury vehicles. They are known for their expertise in modifying Mercedes-Benz models, elevating them to new levels of power, luxury, and exclusivity.

1977 – now

Brabus Logo


Brabus never really had a fully-fledged image for a logotype. Obviously, their brand is somewhat overshadowed by Mercedes, with whom they work very closely. So, the official logo has always featured just the name of the company in bold black letters.

The type is nothing special. It’s just a black thick serif. They mostly use it in promotional and official materials, where it may change colors (to grey or white). When they need to identify their cars, however, they attach a small badge to them.

Emblem and Symbol

Brabus Emblem

It isn’t difficult to spot a Brabus car in the streets. Obviously, all of them look exactly like their Mercedes parent cars and they wear the same Mercedes symbols in exactly the same places. However, in different places in front and in the back they put thin grey outlines of the B letters with the same type surrounded by the thin ring.