Meaning and history

Borgward Logo history

The Forward Automobile Company was founded in 1929 by a man named Carl F. W. Borgward. Over the years, the company has successfully built and marketed its sedans throughout Europe. Unfortunately, following a controversial insolvency case in 1961, the company closed. The revival of the company took place only in 2005.

1919 – 1939

Borgward Logo 1919

The original logo of the brand was adopted in 1919. It consists of the image of a vertical diamond with improvised wings on the sides. The rhombus is divided into four sections arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The logo is framed by a massive silver frame, which also divides the four parts. The name of the brand is also engraved in the middle of the rhombus with capital red letters.

1939 – 1945

Borgward Logo 1939

In 1945 the logo has undergone several changes. First of all, the wings disappeared. Secondly, the two parts of the diamond changed their colors from black to dark blue. In general, the emblem lost its volume and became more two-dimensional. There is no information on how long such a logo existed, but the new one was adopted quite soon.

1945 – 1961

Borgward Logo 1945

The new version of the logo was made in dark red, grey, and white colors. The trademark is still located in the center of the rhombus, but it gained a black color. However, with the fall of the company, the logo was no longer used.

2005 – Present

Borgward Logo

The current version of the logo was accepted in 2005 and is valid nowadays. In reality, the designers only improved on the previous logo. We replaced the gray frame with a silver one, added volume, and made the brand name more expressive.

Emblem and Symbol

Borgward Emblem

Indeed, the company has a fairly long history associated with many ups and downs. However, despite this, they managed to maintain the concept of their original logo with only a few minor changes.