AMG, or rather Mercedes-AMG – is a German car manufacturer that specializes on performance cars and performance modifications of the existing cars. They started operating in 1967 as AMG, but got sold to Mercedes and promptly renamed. That’s why they didn’t really have a time to shine.

History and Meaning

AMG always has their current logo – they never changed it even slightly. There’s no deeper meaning to it, too. It’s just a neat blocky version of their name. And even the name doesn’t really hold any special meaning – it just stands for the surnames of two of their founders, as well as the birthplace of one of them.

1967 – now

AMG Logo

The logo consists of the linear black letters AMG, written in a blocky and thin font. The text is noticeably squashed from the top, giving it a highly horizontal look. Parallel to the left line of the ‘A’, there stand 5 tilted blocks – the further from the letters, the bigger.

They too bear no additional meaning. So, the logo is neat and gives out the geometric tendencies of the company, but that’s it.

Symbol and Emblem

AMG Emblem

Sadly, all the cars AMG manufactures pretty much belong to Mercedes. Because of it, they have to wear Mercedes badges and any other symbolic the mother company wants them to bear. In short, they have no other symbolic except for the logo.

The Legends

Probably the most notorious of the AMG cars is their GT model. It’s a high-speed sports car with a wide variety of variants: from the everyday to motorsport. In 2015, the first version of the car was introduced, and the same year the motorsport modification was brought forward. They’ve won quite a few races, but never something as big as Le Mans.