AAA is the acronym for the American Automobile Association, the largest establishment to represent the interests of drivers in the United States and Canada. This is a federation or car club that assists on the road, such as repairing broken vehicles or equipping travelers with necessary instruments. In doing so, they engage in constant contact with car vendors and services, and also the government.

Meaning and History

AAA Logo history

The American Automobile Association (AAA), set up in 1902, originally specialized in promoting better roads and highways. Throughout its history, the organization has expanded significantly, including services like publishing road maps and hotel guides, creating the patrol program for school protection, and conducting traffic research.

AAA was engaged in auto racing, including sanctioning the Indianapolis 500, but withdrew after concerns about its primary goals. It also made driver safety courses and pedestrian safety programs. During wartime, AAA supported government efforts in various capacities, including conservation initiatives and veteran support.

It played a pivotal role in drafting significant traffic and vehicle safety legislation and participated in technology-driven projects like the TravTek experiment. AAA’s efforts in traffic safety have been recognized by various administrations, and it continues to influence transportation policies and practices.

What is AAA?
AAA is the American Automobile Association. Founded in 1902, this organisation is supposed to represent the drivers in the automotive industry of the United States and Canada. They advocate for better roads, decent car service, and fair laws, as well as provide roadside assistance to those who have their cars broken on the way.

1906 – 1915

AAA Logo 1906

The earliest AAA logo features a trio of intricately interlocked capital ‘A’s encased within a circular border, showcasing the organization’s initial emphasis on exclusivity and unity. The monochromatic scheme reflects the formality of the era.

1915 – 1922

AAA Logo 1915

In this iteration, the interlocking ‘A’s become bolder and slightly more abstract, reflecting a shift towards a more modern and accessible identity. The logo retains its circular boundary, signifying its continuous commitment to its members.

1922 – 1983

AAA Logo 1922

This long-standing logo simplifies the composition further, with the ‘A’s adopting a more geometric form and a uniform red color. The emphasis on the letterforms themselves, now devoid of additional ornamentation, speaks to the AAA’s focus on clarity and service.

1983 – 1997

AAA Logo 1983

A significant redesign takes place in 1983, with the ‘A’s presented in a solid red oval. This design shift corresponds with a modernizing world, implying speed, efficiency, and dynamism, mirroring the expansion of the automobile industry and broader accessibility to motorists.

1997 – today

AAA Logo

With a sleek blue and red color scheme, the current logo represents a leap into contemporary branding. The overlaid ‘A’s are streamlined and are accompanied by a swoosh, suggesting motion and progress. The colors are brighter, more engaging, and reflect a focus on the future of mobility and roadside assistance.


AAA Symbol

Much of the brand’s history came during the black-and-white era in the television and visual advertising industry. Therefore, the very earliest AAA logos are black and white. However, since 1922, the association has used the red over white color code, later enhanced by the addition of blue.


AAA Emblem

There is not much of the lettering on the logotype. The only text elements are three interconnected characters ‘A’, written in a classic sans-serif typeface with the right bar wider than the left bar, sharpened tops, and wide bottom parts.